Kenton Dunson – Rolling In The Deep

From first glance, the name Kenton Dunson may not sound familiar to you. Well, that’s most likely the case, as it was for me when I first spotted this joint. Everyone knows the famous song by Adele, Rolling In The Deep. If you remember last month, John Legend created a masterful cover of her song which was mostly an acapella. Kenton Dunson adds his own style to the song remixing John Legend’s cover adding a piano based beat in addition to Kenton’s awesome lyrics. Powerful song. Download link below. I’ve also included a little bonus, Rolling Stone (which is also awesome) from Kenton that dropped the same day as Rolling In The Deep. Enjoy!

Side note: If Kenton is behind the boards on this one, well played my man!

Kenton Dunson ft. John Legend – Rolling In The Deep Remix

Kenton Dunson ft. Garrett Anderson – Rolling Stone

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Adele – Rolling in the Deep (The Soundmen Remix)

“Rolling in the Deep (The Soundmen Remix)” – Adele

Let me tell you one thing, I always get self conscious when I listen to The Soundmen when I’m by myself. Why, you ask? Well, because, every time I do, without exception, I start dancing. Starts with a little head bob. Then the shoulders get into it. Then I usually stand up and start full out dancing. If there’s a table around me, I usually jump up on top of it and get my groove on. Weird? Maybe. But what’s a man to do when he’s listening to music this catchy?

The Soundmen are far and away some of my favorite producers, they’re incredibly talented and have a real knack for creating music that is literally borderline impossible to not dance to.

Check out my interview with The Soundmen here.

Download “Rolling in the Deep (The Soundmen Remix)”

The Soundmen || Facebook || Twitter ||


Dream Big

D Prep || Twitter ||

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Big Sean – Hometown (Music Video)

Big Sean dropped this music video for his hit song “Hometown” tonight. This is one of my favorite tracks of his, partly because of the Adele sample, and because I love it when artists represent their hometowns. You know, that’s something that’s really big in hip hop that I hope never dies down. That’s your place of birth, the place that essentially raised you. It’s where your first fans started following you, and it’s a place you should always be grateful for. When I watched this video, I saw Detroit rising up for Big Sean. He’s on the big stage and that enormous venue is jam packed. That gives me the chills a little bit, I’m not going to lie.

It’s particularly special to see things like this when you’ve been following the artist since their beginnings. I remember following Big Sean on Facebook way back in like 2006 when Mike Posner told me about him. (At the time he only had a couple fans on there! Hard to believe now, looking back.) Mike and Sean were friends from home after working a summer job together. They got along well, called themselves part of “Finally Famous,” and ended up making music together. It seems they’ve gone in different directions, but I’m still waiting for Mike and Sean to pair up again and create some of the music that they made back in the day when they were boys in Detroit.

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Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Johnny Lawson Remix)

Johnny Lawson Remix

Johnny Lawson. Hot new name on the street for those of us who like fun little remixes. You know, I’ve completely come around on remixes. I really went through a hater phase with them, but I guess I did a little of that self-cleansing stuff. Eating grass, cabbage, and sleeping on silk pillows. You know what else? I’ve been posting lots of different version of this Adele hit, but why hate? It’s like if you really like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and I criticized you for eating them for lunch every day. I just wouldn’t do that, because peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are so good! Plus sometimes you can mix it up! Try it on different breads. Try honey! Try crunchy peanut butter! The options are…endless? Remix that sandwich! If you’re not down for that, switch over to some grass and cabbage. And don’t put your silk pillowcase in the washing machine.

Rolling In the Deep (Johnny Lawson Remix) by johnnylawson

Johnny Lawson || Soundcloud || Twitter

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Mike Posner – Bow Chicka Wow Wow Music Video, New Song

Mike Posner

I am told often that I am the music blog that loves to rip Mike Posner apart. That’s a little harsh, but then again, many people say the same about my reviews of his music. I just like to be an honest music critic, but it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve said anything, and in that short time some new material has appeared from Posner’s end. First up was his music video release with Lil Wayne. I already reviewed the audio here, but because of a very busy week last week, I have kept quiet about the music video. I hope you guys didn’t take that to mean I didn’t have anything to say. If that was the case, you don’t know me well enough! Hit the jump to watch the music video for “Bow Chicka Bow Wow” featuring Lil Wayne, my own critique, and for a brand new single from Mike Posner.

So. It all starts out with Mike checking himself out in the mirror, you know…combing his eyebrows. That’s probably necessary, to be honest. I couldn’t really believe my eyes as the video went on. The main issue: isn’t the crowd this music caters toward too young for this content? Switching rooms at the end? Is that what we’re condoning? Listening through the walls? Cool. Well, I hope for his own sake that Mike doesn’t go into acting. And I hope for the director’s sake that this isn’t his day job…this was cheesy, the little boing with the image of “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” was beyond laughable, and in fact the only nice thing about this whole video is the suit that Mike wore at the dinner. The rest? Total flop. Just like the song itself.

Now, on a better note, Mike did just release a cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” This is a dangerous track to cover because of the incredible popularity it has garnered recently. But Mike actually did what I find to be a great job of recreating this track with his own spin. Adele has one of the best voices in the industry right now, and I often find Mike’s voice to be quite overwhelming, but he kept it to a minimal range in this cover, and I think for the most part he hit the nail on the head. Well done, Mike.

“Rolling In The Deep” (Mike Posner Cover) – Adele

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Adele – Make You Feel My Love


“Make You Feel My Love” – Adele

Beautiful version of a beautiful song. That’s what this blog is all about!

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