Action Bronson

Action Bronson – Actin Crazy (Prod. by 40 and Omen)

My feelings for Action Bronson ebb and flow – sometimes I love his style and sound, other times I think he’s boring. I think he completely detracted from “NaNa” on Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap, for example. But then he releases something like “Actin Crazy,” and I’m right back on his team. It’s mostly about the production for me on this track; Bronson took a step away from his old school sound and toward a more modern style of melodic instrumentals. He’s still boastful on his verses, but that line “I feel so alive I think I shit myself,” I mean, come on. Tell me that shit didn’t have you laughing. Plus one for Bronsolino.

Action Bronson’s next album, Mr. Wonderful, is due out March 24.

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Chance The Rapper’s 15 Best Guest Verses [Free Download]

New Chance The Rapper!

Aside from being one of the most technically proficient rappers coming up in the game, what makes Chance The Rapper great is his willingness to collaborate. Before Acid Rap he would do features with nearly anyone, which I think is a great quality in a young artist. His guest verses have helped rising Chicago artists, such as Alex Wiley, Kids These Days, and Milo & Otis, get their rightful notice, as well as helped Chance expand his own fan base through collabs with artists like Childish Gambino, Joey Bada$$, and Hoodie Allen.

Hit the jump to download (!) the top 15 verses from Chance The Rapper. Click on the MP3 link to download the songs. Continue reading “Chance The Rapper’s 15 Best Guest Verses [Free Download]” »

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Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap [Stream + Download Mixtape]

New Chance The Rapper!

Last year Chance The Rapper became an instant favorite of ours. His mixtape #10Day took us to his high school Chicago’s prestigious Jones College Prep, where he got suspended for a week just before prom and graduation. But it also took us further back to young Chancellor growing up in the Windy City, finding himself as a person as well as a rapper. #AcidRap moves us further. This time into the mindset of a 20-year-old wizard with a formidable flow that can switch in an instant and an undulating voice that deftly takes you through the motions of an outer-worldly experience. It’s more mature and more playful at the same time, alternating between juke beats popularized in Chicago and soulful piano medleys. In a musically-stacked 2013, this (note: I’m totally writing this based on the singles and previews) seems to stand out like a beacon of hope. Too far? Forget it. Just download the tape below.


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Joey Bada$$ – Day in the Life

This hot new number is a new track from growing superstar Joey Bada$$. Day in the Life is a beautiful ode to the road to becoming a New York gangster. With dope production from Harry Fraud it is almost impossible not to bob your head like an OG while listening to Bada$$’s flowing lyrics. This track is set to release today on Peter Rosenberg‘s “New York Renaissance” mixtape, so  check it out on datpiff. This mixtape has a new Action Bronson number as well called Complements to the Chef. Be sure to grab this mixtape because it is going to be stacked with heavy hitters and enjoy this new track from Joey Bada$$, who never disappoints. Ever.

Joey Bada$$ on tumblr –  Joey Bada$$ on TwitterPro Era on SoundcloudJoey Bada$$ on Facebook

Harry Fraud WebsiteHarry Fraud on TwitterHarry Fraud on SoundcloudHarry Fraud on Facebook


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ProbCause – Three Course Meal (ft. Action Bronson and Chance The Rapper)

In my Neverending Quest To Not Study For Finals, I’ve tried my hand at various methods of procrastination. I’ve watched movies, I’ve tweeted, I’ve even walked to three different libraries in one day (which is saying something, because it’s Ithaca in December). Despite that, nothing really works quite like a new song to put on repeat and learn the lines to. “Three Course Meal” has a very creative, funky-but-new-age beat blessed by Action Bronson, our favorite Chance The Rapper, and some dude named ProbCause. I had nooo idea who Prob was before this, but I’ll definitely be checking out his upcoming project The Recipe EP Vol. 2, which is apparently coming soon.

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Action Bronson & Party Supplies – Blue Chips (Mixtape)

Action Bronson, the lovechild of gangster William “Action” Jackson and Charles Branson, is my new favorite rapper. There–I said it. It’s true. He’s awesome.

So is Party Supplies. His remix of “Once in a Lifetime” is one of my favorite songs of the past year.

So the two of them combining for a full mixtape, for me at least, is incredibly exciting. Now that it’s hear, that excitement has been vindicated–Blue Chips is perfect.

It’s weird how well Party Supplies and Bam Bam Bronson go together. Their styles are compatible, sure. But the thing that really strikes me is the similarity in their delivery–laidback, relaxed, and while certainly imperfect, it just kind of seems, you know, perfectly imperfect.

Party Supplies productions aren’t necessarily polished or technical. But it sounds so nice. Branson’s rhymes aren’t always that meaningful or deep–shit, the dude spends a lot of time talking about hookers–but they’re crisp, ya know? Dope in their apparent effortlessness, in a Das Racist kind of way, so it makes sense to see a Kool AD feature here.

Anyway, get UP on Action Bronson if you haven’t checked him out yet.


Action Bronson – 9-24-11

Action Bronson – Hookers at the Point

Action Bronson – Arts and Leisure ft. Kool AD

Action Bronson – Nordic Wind

Download “Blue Chips”


Dream Big

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[Video] Riff Riff SODMG & Action Bronson – Bird On A Wire

So Action Bronson is a favorite over at our dear friend MJF, and although we introduced him on the site last March with “Barry Horowitz,”  we haven’t posted that much of his work recently.

I’m going to change that–I’m starting to become a big fan. This recent song that he did with Action Bronson, produced by Dirt Nasty and Alan The Alchemist, is really, really dope. The production might be its strongest asset, but the verses by Riff Raff and Bam Bam Bronson are really well done. They’ve both got incredible flow throughout, and Riff Raff’s flow on that second verse is borderline impeccable. Never thought I’d say that about Riff Raff, but it’s true.

No MP3 as of yet, but expect to be hearing a lot out of Action Bronson in the future. I’ll do my best to bring it here to you guys on Sunset.

Shouts to Bronson’s mobile phone–gotta be at least a decade and a half old.


Dream Big


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Action Bronson – Barry Horowitz

Action Bronson

Action Bronson has yet to be featured on this music blog, but something tells me that you’ll be seeing his name a bit from here on. My buddy from work just told me about him. I’m initially wary of white rappers, I admit. It seems to be a growing fad, but it’s certainly not something any average Joe can pick up and run with. This guy is different, though. He’s got a knack for rhyming. I think he’s going somewhere. What do yall think?

Here’s a song from his project Dr. Lecter, releasing on March 15th. Hit the jump for another song/music video.

“Barry Horowitz” – Action Bronson

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