[Sunset Mixtape] Notes on Improving the Universe

New Sunset Mixtape!

I recently finished Ashlee Vance’s authorized biography of Elon Musk, CEO/founder of Tesla and SpaceX. The book paints a detailed portrait of an extremely smart and determined man, who cares less about making money and more about impacting the world in a positive way. His driving motivator, the one that causes him to work most hours of the day, is to make humankind a multi-planetary species and to give us the tools to shift our energy consumption to clean energy. The idea of working toward a larger goal, such as Elon’s, is fascinating to me: not working to live, not working to make as much money as possible, but, rather, working to improve the universe. And it is not about winning some make-believe competition of who can be the noblest lad in all the land; there’s a fundamentality to it.

We have “x” number of years to live and reproduce →

Our planet has a laundry list of unresolved problems, and our species is confined to it →

So, let’s improve Earth for future generations, while reducing our dependence on Earth (for future generations).

Ironically, I also learned that, with hard work and proper execution, big money often follows such ambitious purpose. There is not a shortage of big thinkers, there is not a shortage of money, but there is a shortage of people willing to assume large risk for an abstract but basic idea.

NOTE: The SoundCloud mix is missing track 12 (“O&D” by Louis Val). Original image by Spencer Tunick.


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Abhi//Dijon – Jon B

R&B duo Abhi//Dijon's Stay Up mixtape promo photo.

Maryland duo Abhi//Dijon have been making some staggeringly smooth music of late, and that trend continues on their nostalgic new cut “Jon B.”

An ode to a past relationship and, of course, the famous ’90s R&B singer behind hits like “They Don’t Know” and “Someone to Love,” the track is a bouncy mix of electric piano and guitar that makes it insanely catchy.

Abhi//Dijon have a similar vibe to Drake affiliate Majid Jordan, but whereas the OVO group’s sound draws influence from sparse, electronic music, Abhi Raju and Dijon Duenas are clearly well-versed in the history of old school soul.

Their music is incredibly lush and romantic, but still sounds fresh and inventive.

Dijon isn’t a world-beating singer, but he has a pretty falsetto and his soft, soulful vocals fit well atop Abhi’s mellow production.

“Jon B” is the latest single off their next project, entitled Stay Up, which is dropping soon.

If you want more Abhi//Dijon, and we’re sure you do, check out their self-titled EP from last year.

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