[2013 Mashup] Record Republic – The Real 2013 Wrapup

As the Sunset team is working on putting together our typical year-end lists, I was sent this beautiful recap of 2013 in the form of a mashup video. Sri Lankan artists Sheaam Deen and VY sang clips from Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball,” Zedd’s “Clarity,” Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “Can’t Hold Us,” Rihanna’s “Stay,” Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors,” Jason Derulo’s “The Other Side,” Imagine Dragons’s “Radioactive” and Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” But instead of it being just your typical year-end mashup revolving solely around music, the video commemorated the tragedies and celebrations that will likely highlight 2013 around the world (Boston Marathon, Trayvon Martin, Royal Baby, Mandela’s passing, Harlem Shake, Obamacare, and more). And then it challenges us at the end to think about what we will remember 2013 for. And better yet: how will you choose to see 2014? This is a creative take on the year-end mashup; a great way for these artists to separate themselves from the pack.

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Best of November 2013

The “Best of Series” is a playlist generated every month providing you with quality, sounding music across all genres that were released during that month. Whether you’re too busy to visit daily, or just need some music, this is our way of helping you stay current.

What a wild weekend. It was Thanksgiving (and Hanukkah) all on the same damn day, so gobble tov to those that are celebrating, and on top of that, rivalry weekend in college football could not of been better. My Buckeyes topped Michigan with a last second defensive stop, Lydia’s Blue Devils are on there way to a title game, and the almighty Alabama fell to Auburn on one of the craziest finishes I’ve ever seen. It’s almost like this can’t even compete, but music always has a spot, no matter what, even if there’s a fire.

Download Best of November 2013

Jordan’s Top 3:

Sway Clarke III – I Don’t Need Much

You have to wonder where Sway Clarke Sr. and Jr. are, but number III ain’t to bad with this newbie, I Don’t Need Much. Simple sometimes is best.

Jon Waltz – Magic City

I have a man crush on Jon Waltz…there I said it.He keeps feeding us more and more samplers, but I want the main course. This is a story about his first night in Atlanta, and it pleases me.

Freddie Dickson – Minimal Love

It’s all fun and games until you hit that drop to the chorus, and it blows you away. It seems like I’m describing an EDM song, but I’m describing a carefully constructed, darkish tune about love.

Hit the jump for the track list! Continue reading “Best of November 2013” »

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The Best of Lollapalooza 2013: Sunday Recap

Lollapalooza’s Sunday (and final day) was the most comfortable I’ve ever been at a music festival. Honestly, like, there were times I wouldn’t have minded a fashionable cardigan to don with the brisk breeze from Lake Michigan blowing in. The atmosphere was the perfect cool down to a high energy weekend.

Something interesting that I noticed during Day Three’s activities was a slight difference in the crowd age. Lolla tends to be packed full of teens since it’s so accessible and relatively cheap, but Sunday saw a much more mature crowd showing. Of course, the festival organizers had planned this when they booked 80s English rock band The Cure. Smooth move Lolla. And in all honesty, it’s a refreshing thing when anybody from ages 16 to 40-something can enjoy and share the same music festival.

Notable highlights:

Alt-J: This was the second time I got to catch the English indie rockers, who are often dubbed the new Radiohead, and one thing I can applaud them for is their consistency. Alt-J is a band with a very dynamic sound, and every high and low from their album was translated to a T on the stage. Of course, “Breezeblocks” and “Fitzpleasure” were crowd favorites, but the triangle lovers even debuted some unheard sounds which was a thrill.

Dogblood: Say what you will about Perry’s Stage, but when you’re there, you’re having a fucking awesome time. Yeah, it’s a huge fist-pumping, brofest coupled with skimpy-dressed  raverchicks, but it’s one of the better stages on the whole grounds. Flashing lights, jumbotrons in the middle of the crowd, and the sound is crisp and deafening. Perfect. Oh, and not to mention the peanut butter and chocolate combo of Skrillex and Boyz Noize that actually sound different in a world full of cookie cutter EDM artists.

Phoenix: These guys are consummate pros. Sometimes, I really didn’t know whether or not I believed the sounds I was hearing. Like, was I just listening to Thomas Mars’ iTunes playlist or were they actually performing? They’re that good. Their set also brought one of the coolest moments of the weekend, with Mars dashing out to the center sound stage to rock out in the middle of the crowd with the band raging on in the background. Then, he crowd surfed all the way back to the stage in a a rioting climax of drums, riffs and lights. Bravo.

Peep the video highlights of Sunday below, and definitely listen to the five-song highlight playlist I put together to recap the third and final day of another great Lollapalooza.

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The Best of Lollapalooza 2013: Friday Recap

You’d be hard pressed to find a better Chicago weekend than when Lollapalooza sets its sails in early August, nested between Lake Michigan and the city’s iconic skyline. In a lot of ways, Lolla marks the culmination of an entire summer of great fests, being the last in line of other big boys like Coachella and Bonnaroo turning out earlier in the summer.

This year was bigger than ever for the festival’s current 9-year run in the city’s Grant Park, with reportedly over 300,000 concertgoers bouncing around the Magnificent Mile to their favorite bands and artists. And compared to last year’s monsoon, the weather was the best I’ve ever experienced thanks to a relatively tame and cool Chicago summer.

It’s hard for me to pick my favorite moment on a day that ranged from Aaron Paul joining Steve Aoki on stage with roaring 90s jock jams to Imagine Dragons getting their sound cut off for about 15 minutes (and yes this was a good moment since they were fucking terrible live). But, I think I have to go with Chance The Rapper‘s set over at the vastly undersized BMI stage.

Watching Chance’s show felt like I was witnessing history in the making. Coming off of his hugely successful tape Acid Rap that placed him in national spotlight, coupled with a dizzyingly packed hometown crowd, you could feel that this was obviously the peak of Mr. Bennet’s burgeoning career. He could barely contain his fervor and it all spilled out as raw emotion on stage. Not to mention that he reunited Kids These Days to back him with Vic Mensa and Twista joining for a compete and thumping rendition of “Cocoa Butter Kisses”. With another album or two under his belt, I wouldn’t doubt that I see Chance back at Lolla, but headlining a much bigger stage next time.

Be sure to check out the five-song playlist below recapping day one of Lollapalooza, and come back for Saturday and Sunday highlights in the next few days.

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Best of March 2013

It was a busy, busy month for us here at SITR. Many, many posts. Tons of new songs. A bunch of spankin’ new EP’s. #NoDaysOff

No, but seriously, this was one of the tougher months I’ve had due to the fact that there was so much music to choose from. It’s only 30 songs, but could’ve stretched it to 50. Could you even handle 50 new songs that are considered the best of the month? Could you? I feel like 50 new songs would give you a midlife crisis.

Download link, top 5, and track-list below!

Download Best of March 2013

Connor Youngblood – Vegas

A beautiful journey throughout the streets of Vegas on some other ish.

Magic Man – Paris

P&P called it “inide pop perfection” and it is. Word to ya mothaaaaaa.

Chance The Rapper – Good Ass Intro

#AcidRap drops in April. Around the same time I have finals. Good luck to me.

Vicetone ft. Collin McLoughlin – Heartbeat

I’ve known Collin’s music for a couple years now and he sure impressed when he was on The Voice. His versatility is crazy as he can go ahead and slow it up for you like he did on his Stark Perspective EP, or do something like this with Vicetone.

Robin Thicke ft. Pharrel & T.I. – Blurred Lines

The irony in this song. Literally just last week during our ILR of JT’s new album we mentioned how Robin Thicke has been irrelevant, then he goes ahead and drops this bombshell on us. Oh, and the video is cool too.

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