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Live: Tristen (100Bands #65)

What’s Left: 59 Days. 36 Bands.

Band #65: Tristen

When/Where: June 22nd, Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC

Expectations: I didn’t even know the main band, I definitely don’t know these guys.

Concert: I made my way to Local 506 for the first time, and arrived just as Tristen Gaspadarek picked up her ukulele and promised to “make it sparkle” for us. As a stranger to Tristen’s music, at first glance I expected her to be a folk singer, however, Tristen’s music turned out to be much more indie-pop, or maybe as she describes it: “neo-traditionalist pop.”

Before every song, Tristen starts up her handy-dandy drum machine which supplies each song with a simple beat behind her undeniably powerful vocals. Add in some live instrumentals and Tristen and her “band” orchestrate these wonderful pieces of music that (if I had known the words) are lovely to sing along to. During her performance, I imagined myself listening to her while riding around in the car, folding laundry, or writing a paper; her music is easy on the ears, and there’s something truly organic and therapeutic about her sound.

Besides wanting to listen to Tristen on a 24/7 loop, she’s one of those acts that makes me want to be her best friend as well. In addition to engaging the crowd during her songs, she was able to entertain us with quick one liners between tunes. Her matter-of-fact sense of humor kept the audience hanging on to her every word, “This song is about babies on drugs. It’s called baby drugs.” After her set, I even got a chance to chat her up by the merchandise, and she’s as nice as she seems on stage. Tristen is an all around lovable artist.

Concert Afterglow: I wish I was in a band like Tristen’s. Just kidding, what I really wish is that I had one of those drum machines to follow me around while I walk down the street.

Recommendation: If Tristen ever makes her way out to LA, I’ll probably try to see her again. In addition to an amazing pair of lungs, she’s super friendly and funny. I’d definitely recommend buying a CD (she even has vinyl!) or seeing a show.

Written by Ambrielle (Blog | Twitter).

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Live: The Elected (100Bands #61)

What’s Left: 73 Days. 39 Bands.

Band #61: The Elected

When/Where: June 22nd, Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC

Expectations:Who are these guys again? I literally had no prior knowledge of them except that Lydia recommended them. I was in the area, so I showed up, very little to no expectations.

Concert: I like finding new bands after I fall in love with them at random concerts, and since I’d never been to Local 506 before I was excited to check out The Elected in Chapel Hill.

The surly front man, Blake Sennett, former guitarist/co-songwriter for Rilo Kiley, has a hilariously dark sense of humor, which was a nice interaction to have between songs. He all at once reminded me of Jason Schwartzman of Coconut Records and a very sad Jason Mraz. Each track seemed to mirror both the darkness and the humor, conveying pain and life’s disappointments while maintaining an upbeat and earthy west coast vibe.

I was a bit worried I would be bored during the first two songs, which were good, but very slow and pensive. As the show got going, the band definitely hit it’s stride and surprised me with more driving tempos and intricate layers of violin over Sennett’s powerful lead guitar.

The personality of the band, heavily influenced by their use of violin, ukulele and steel drums on some songs is unique in the same way Vampire Weekend and Spoon are different from other pop-rock and indie bands, it’s almost unexplainable, but totally pleasing.

Concert Afterglow: Pleasantly surprised, 506 is an awesome venue, and the band was funny, personable and unique. I can’t wait to check out more of The Elected’s music.

Recommendation: I don’t know if I’d go see The Elected a second time, unless I become a bigger fan of their music, mostly because I suspect their shows to be very much the same in every city, however I’m glad I was introduced to them this time around.

Written by Ambrielle (Blog | Twitter).

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Live: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (100Bands #60)

View more Buzz Tour photos on Flickr.

What’s Left: 82 Days. 40 Bands.

Band #60: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

When/Where: May 29th, Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, NC

Expectations: I attended this show with some serious Grace Potter fans in the group, so this show could not have been more hyped up in my mind, I had no doubts that I was going to have a fabulous night out.

Concert: I don’t know much about Grace Potter, but wish I was her. Zeus himself could never dream of a more soulful goddess. She has the most beautiful hair and effortlessly cool bangs with talent to spare. The same can be said for the Nocturnals who sport 70’s reminiscent outfits; the guys rocked funky mustaches, and girl bassist Catherine Popper, who as Grace mentioned hails from Charlotte, NC, had equally cool, Potter-like bangs.

Though mustaches and bangs seem to be a requirement for Nocturnals membership, extreme talent obviously factors in as well. The Nocturnals are a serious band equipped with instruments and able hands and no sound effects, laptops, or auto-tune in sight. Each element of the band reminds me of the quality of music I listened to in the car with my parents as a kid while still maintaining a totally cool and relevant vibe.

After stalking Grace’s TwitPics of previous set lists from the Bonnaroo Buzz tour, and her nightly outfits before each show, my crew of boys and I were excited to see what she would pull out for her Raleigh show. When we first spotted Grace when she and the rest of the Buzz tour family sang “Happy Birthday” to opener and comedian Julian McCullough we were a little disappointed to see her in shorts and a cardigan. Not a good sign. But she quickly found herself back in our good graces (no pun intended) as she reappeared on stage in a sparkly outfit and mile-high stilettos. The set list included a few favorite Grace Potter songs, but lacked others I was excited to hear, “Mastermind” and “Apologies” were surprisingly absent in the line up. However, my hands-down favorite Potter song, “Tiny Light,” followed by an electrifying cover of “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones is what my boys and I agree to be the best musical moment of our young lives. Grace also broke up the set list at one point with a cute North Carolina version of Tupac’s “California Love.”

There were so many surprises in one night: laughing along to Julian McCullough’s jokes about a Duke psych professor standing behind me, hearing the Nocturnals cover the Stones, getting free “Bonnaroo Buzz Tour” ice cream, and getting some awesome souvenirs. This show is up there as one of my favorite concerts ever. It makes me hate that I had to miss out on Bonnaroo, graduating from high school is pretty overrated anyway.

Concert Afterglow: A drumstick, successfully obtained after flirting with a stage crew guy (totally unashamed), is all the proof I need to remind myself that this night actually happened. I vaguely remember kissing it and stroking it with my face after the show.

Recommendation: Why wouldn’t you go see Grace Potter? She is a must-see act, and she is a goddess. If you get the chance, go to a show, even if you’re not a huge groupie or anything, this woman does not disappoint.

Written by Ambrielle (Blog | Twitter).

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Live: Mac Miller (100Bands #54)

What’s Left: 93 Days. 46 Bands.

Band #54: Mac Miller

When/Where: May 20th, Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC

Expectations: The Mac Miller bandwagon made its way around Durham pretty quickly and picked up a lot of speed in the wake of recent Wiz Khalifa shows. And though I have my reservations about Mac Miller himself, I was pretty optimistic after a friend reassured me that Mac was even more enjoyable to her than Wiz’s live performance.

Concert: I like being front row, and though I’m not a huge fan of Mac Miller it is for this reason that my concert buddy and I arrived two hours early to Cat’s Cradle before Mac Miller’s sold out show. After sitting around outside and marveling at the number of young high school boys wearing snap backs, we were among the first to enter the venue when doors finally opened. Success. I situated myself at my usual spot, slightly to the right of center stage, and settled in to wait for the first openers.

After an incredibly engaging performance from local talent Rapsody and crew, Mac Miller finally took to the stage with his entire entourage. After playing a few crowd-pleasers, Mac asked the crowd if he could “get serious for a second” and dedicated his next song, “I’ll Be There” to his grandfather who passed away before his big break. He later broke the somewhat somber mood by joking a bit about his mom and asked, “your moms don’t smoke weed too?” It was definitely cool to hear him sing such a serious song live. It was also really representative of the nice variety of songs he played during the show, everything from his most recent tracks off of Best Day Ever to old classics from K.I.D.S. like “Senior Skip Day” and the Owl City-themed “Don’t Mind If I Do.”

Other highlights of the show included “Knock Knock” and “Oy Vey,” two guilty pleasure Mac Miller songs for me. Both are a bit more pop-like in sound, but they turned out to be great live choices, and were easy for the entire crowd to get into and sing along, the crowd got pretty hyped for both. In the end, Mac teased the crowd a bit by stalling before closing with “Donald Trump.” This song was hands-down his most exciting part of the show, even the people I could see backstage were jamming along. The entire room was jumping up and down spitting out lyrics along with Mac. After the whole Mac Miller team vacated the stage, a few girls decided to jump up and start dancing, prompting half the room to rush the stage before security, and Mac himself, asked them to bounce.

The show surprised me. I’m not any bigger of a fan than I was prior to the show, but I definitely respect Mac Miller a bit more, it’s easy to tell he’s a solid guy. Though the crowd was heavy with annoying underage kids, and it’s still kind of strange to me that Mac has his whole “Most Dope Team” on stage with him during the show, I had a good time. From someone in the crowd daringly lighting some celebratory “medicinal,” to everyone dancing with their thumbs up and elbows out, to best bud Jimmy’s seriously flamboyant outfit and bodyguard Big Dave’s sheer size, it all made the night pretty memorable.

Concert Afterglow: Did I really frisk Mac Miller’s leg? Did I really waste my opportunity to rep my school by screaming randomly instead when one of the guys from Rapsody’s set handed me the mike? Was I really one of those lame high schoolers on the stage after the show ended? Yes, yes, and yes. Really hyped show, I could barely sleep that night.

Recommendation: Mac Miller knows how to engage a crowd, and if you like his music at all you will undoubtedly love his concerts. Anyone not really a fan of his music, don’t expect anything new or groundbreaking about the show or his songs, but for a mere $17 I think it was more than worth it.

Written by Ambrielle (Blog | Twitter).

*Sorry for the poor photo quality, forgot the camera at home, had to use my cell phone. I’ll do better next time!

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Live: Lupe Fiasco (100Bands Review #49)

What’s Left: 151 Days. 51 Bands.
Band #49: Lupe Fiasco

When/Where: March 31st, Central Campus (Duke University), Durham, NC
Expectations: Lupe Fiasco is one of my favorite rappers of all time. His latest album wasn’t my favorite, so I really hope he plays some of his older music.

Concert: Despite the concert being held in an open (and muddy) field on a rainy night, students trekked out to see rapper Lupe Fiasco take the stage; something Dukies have been waiting for for almost 3 years, after Lupe cancelled last minute on a scheduled Last Day of Classes performance. Students flocked the stage, so there was quite a bit of breathing room in the back, where I chose to stand so that I could actually see the performance, as I know that Lupe is known to be a great performer on stage.

Lupe came out with a full band on stage, which at a hip hop performance is always more entertaining than seeing a DJ stand behind a computer, playing pre-made beats. Knowing that Lupe has dreams to a be a punk-rocker, this wasn’t too surprising, but certainly made the show more fun.

Lupe performed songs old and new, which was the highlight of the night for me. Earlier in the day, I had sent Lupe a tweet asking him to make my life complete by performing “The Instrumental,” my personal favorite of all of his songs. I’m not sure if it was my doing or not (I’d like to think so, but it’s highly unlikely), but when the beat for “The Instrumental” came on, I damn near lost my mind. I can proudly say that I know every word to that song, and I’m pretty sure everybody around me heard my performance.

Other songs that Lupe performed included a repertoire of tunes from his latest release, Lasers, but also a handful of other earlier songs, including another favorite of mine, “Hip Hop You Saved Me.” He gave a shout out to every single one of his full releases, which was interesting given that he has admitted to not be in love with his newest album. His balance of songs from Lasers and older releases made it seem as though Lupe was still able to enjoy himself while doing what many in the crowd would expect: performing his newest songs.

Lupe also performed a song that he said didn’t make the final cut for Lasers, called “Scream.” He told the crowd to scream every time they heard the hook, and the crowd got pretty riled up and excited about this feature. For an audience of Duke students, who are typically pretty stingy at concerts, this was a rather rowdy experience for a rainy night. Needless to say, I was more than impressed with Lupe’s job on stage.

Concert Afterglow: Hearing “Instrumental” still has me smiling.

Recommendation: Even if you don’t like Lasers, go see Lupe if he comes to town. He’ll play a mix of old and new songs, which is way worth your money.


“The Instrumental” – Lupe Fiasco

Written by Lydia

*Photography Credit: Duke Chronicle

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100Bands: Concert Poll

Last time we did a concert poll it was a really close race and a lot of fun to be a part of. April 12th brings three excellent headlining acts to Boston, all of which I’d be happy to see, so please help me decide. Below are links to all of the bands’ websites and samples of their music, as much as I’d like to tell you about these bands, I don’t want to influence your decision. Don’t forget to take into account the opening acts as well. Thanks in advance for your participation and I’m looking forward to the results. Polls will close on midnight Friday April 8th, vote as much as you want (you get one vote per day) until then. Bands are simply listed in alphabetical order, headlining band appears first.

The Boxer Rebellion with We Are Augustines
Song: “No Harm” – The Boxer Rebellion

Ha Ha Tonka with The Spring Standards previously reviewed
Song: Walking on the Devil’s Backbone – Ha Ha Tonka

Wye Oak with Callers
Song: “Civilian” – Wye Oak

Written by Jessica ||  BlogTwitter

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Live: Hoodie Allen (100Bands Review #48)

What’s Left: 166 Days. 52 Bands.
Band #48: Hoodie Allen

When/Where: February 24th, Motorco Music Hall, Durham, NC
Expectations: [Like I said with Eddy B & Tim Gunter and Anthem, I put on this show, so of course I am biased and had high expectations. That being said, though, I’m going to give my best shot at an honest critique.]

Hoodie Allen has been a favorite at Sunset in the Rearview for quite a long time now. I’m a huge fan of his music and held incredibly high expectations for high energy, enthusiasm, and excitement.

Concert: After two strong openers in Eddy B & Tim Gunter and Anthem, Hoodie and his producer RJF took the stage and the crowd went wild. The venue is very big, so unfortunately the room wasn’t completely packed, but it seemed that everybody in the room was itching to get as close to the stage as possible. Hoodie seems to have die hards in all corners of the country; there were people in the audience singing along to every single word that came out of Hoodie’s mouth. The one time when these fans couldn’t sing along, of course, was when Hoodie broke out into a freestyle about Durham and the surrounding areas in North Carolina. The crowd seemed to love that.

Much to my surprise, “You Are Not A Robot” was not his closer. He did, though, seem to go through the majority of his songs, including his (at the time) latest single, “Dreams Up.” Hoodie did indeed bring energy and excitement, though I still believe there is room for him to grow and expand to really maintain a level of excitement for not only the die hards, but for the naysayers as well. I think it’ll come in the form of more unexpected things like impressive freestyles and a wider array of dance moves, but again…let’s just remember that Hoodie is only getting started. I truly believe that he’s got a long career ahead of him.

Concert Afterglow: I was singing Hoodie Allen songs for days. I had a ball, and I think Hoodie will continue to progress and I will soon be begging to see him live again.

Recommendation: Check out Hoodie Allen live. It is certainly a fun show. Something tells me his cult following hasn’t expanded into the South quite as much yet, so you might see a better show in the North, but I’m doing my best to change that!

Song: ”Dreams Up” – Hoodie Allen

Dreams Up by HoodieAllen

Written by Lydia

*Photography Credit: Ambrielle Moore

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100Bands Review: #44 – Nicole Atkins

What’s Left: 191 Days. 56 Bands.
Band #44: Nicole Atkins

When/Where: February 23, Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA
Expectations: Decent catchy music should correlate to a decent show

Concert: The most exhilarating thing about this concert was the long black dress Nicole Atkins was wearing. That, and the guitar player was clearly talented. Yes, Nicole Atkins does have an impressive, strong voice, even live, but it didn’t help that the music was boring and lifeless on the stage. There was mention of a flu going around the band, and Atkins was drinking tea on stage, so maybe they were suffering a little. However, the songs had no flourishes and a voice that sounds the same song after song after song can only captivate an audience for so long. After the short set they did an awkward encore of one song, but they had hardly left the stage before they came back to play. Cotton Jones, the always fantastic opening band, had more enthusiastic calls for an encore.

Concert Afterglow: For now, I am hoping this is a fluke because I do like the new album, but the concert was not good.

Recommendation: Save your money and just listen to the newest album, Mondo Amore.

Song: “Vultures” – Nicole Atkins

Written by Jessica ||  BlogTwitter

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Live: The Resurrectionists (100Bands #43)

What’s Left: 206 Days. 57 Bands.
Band #43: The Resurrectionists

When/Where: January 7th, Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA
Expectations: I saw them play before and was completely enthralled. Nothing like loud stomping and hollering to warm up a cold January eve.

Concert: It was getting late when they finally took the stage, urging the crowd to move forward and dance. The audience found it easy to acquiesce to their request as they banged out four lively numbers straight through just to get everybody warmed up. They even jumped off stage, linking arms with strangers, to do-si-do with the dancing crowd. They played the rough and tumble track “Jesus Loves You,” which could be an easy and seamless substitution for HBO’s True Blood theme song. It has that same dark atmosphere and a sound like it came straight from the Louisiana bayou. The Resurrectionists brought an energetic amalgam of bluesy, rock, and foot-stomping tunes to the Midway Cafe, along with a dancing crowd and that’s no easy feat in this city.

Concert Afterglow: This is a show I’d go see over and over again. They are consistent in their rock-out-ability and in making every show feel like a party.

Recommendation: This is local entertainment at it’s finest. Support your local scene and see them if you can.

“Cordelia” – The Resurrectionists
“Jesus Loves You” – The Resurrectionists

Written by Jessica  ||  BlogTwitter

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Live: The Good Lovelies (100Bands Review #42)

Photo Credit: Ali Eisner

What’s Left: 210 Days. 58 Bands.
Band #42: The Good Lovelies

When/Where: January 10th, Club Passim, Cambridge, MA
Club Passim is a sit-down folky kind of venue, so it’s a different kind of concert but I heard The Good Lovelies like to interact with their audience so I think it will be a good fit.

Concert: These three ladies know how to entertain an audience better than any folk/roots act I’ve ever seen. While their endless anecdotes about life on the road, banjo jokes, and childhood memories made me laugh every time, it didn’t distract from the fact that their voices were made for each other. Listening to the three of them harmonize was magical. They were spot on every time, filling the small basement room with their silky rich vocals with such ease it seemed they’d been doing this for decades instead of just four years. My heart burst with adoration for this band when they played a new song, “Old Highway,” a stunningly beautiful song about being meant for a life on the road but still missing home. The lyrics grabbed me first, but when the guitars got quiet they let their voices melt together, and it was spellbinding. Just in case the audience wasn’t already in awe of their performance, they were constantly instrument swapping between acoustic bass, guitar, and banjo, claiming “we can’t decide which instruments we like to play best.” Their genuine interaction with the audience, their ample talents with various instruments, and those voices made for a perfect relaxing weeknight concert that I wish I could see every week.
Concert Afterglow: Wow. I’m now a devoted fan.
Recommendation: If you like this type of music you can’t see a band much better than The Good Lovelies.

The Good Lovelies – Down Down Down by ColdsnapFest

Video of “Old Highway:”

Written by Jessica  ||  BlogTwitter

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Live: Lissie (100Bands Review #41)

View More Photos

What’s Left: 210 Days. 59 Bands.
Band #41: Lissie

When/Where: February 1, 2011, Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC
Expectations: After seeing Lissie once before, I expect another incredible performance from a carefree girl with one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard.

Concert: From the second Lissie stepped onto the stage, it seemed as though she was just a friend of everybody in the room, getting on an elevated surface to tell her story and sing with one of the most beautiful voices out there right now. There’s nothing flashy about her – her hair is uncombed, her outfit was casual, and she spoke to the crowd as though we had already met a time or two before. Until hearing her sing and being reminded that this girl right here is a star, there was not a hint of pompousness or arrogance in the air.

The show seemed very intimate. Perhaps due to the fact that Lissie seemed to introduce the majority of her songs with a description of what that song meant, or maybe because even from the back Lissie’s voice was able to fill the entire room, but if I closed my eyes, it could have been as though Lissie was singing and telling her story to only me. The highlight of the night, for me, was when she introduced one of my favorite songs of 2010: “Bully.” She told the room that she wrote this song when she moved to Los Angeles and felt so lost and alone, but was reminded by the people who love her most that she was doing the right thing and to believe in herself.

Just as I expected, Lissie’s voice was as incredible live as it sounds recorded. She has the amazing ability to hit every single note on-key, even when she has to strain a bit to hit the higher notes. What comes as a fault to some others, though, is what I find one of Lissie’s strengths: when her voice does strain a bit and sounds a little scratchy, that’s when she sounds the most impressive. It’s a rare thing, and hard to describe in words, but I think it’s something you’d catch on to if you saw her live.

She played a full set, covering the majority of her songs from Catching a Tiger, but also including some songs from Why You Runnin’, and even ending with a bang: her own rendition of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness.” Though it took the crowd a little while to warm up and get their legs moving, I can say for myself that the whole night was incredibly enjoyable.

Concert Afterglow: Incredible night. Wish it didn’t have to end.

Recommendation: See Lissie live. Her voice is unreal. And she’ll take a shot of tequila with you.

Song: “Bully” – Lissie
MP3 courtesy of GirlySounds

Written by Lydia

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100Bands Reviews: Review #39 – The Tender Fruit

What’s Left: 218 Days. 61 Bands.
Band #39: The Tender Fruit

When/Where: January 21, Kings Barcade, Raleigh, NC
Expectations: I’ve heard that the lead singer is quite talented, and I know that she’s the ex-girlfriend of Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver). Beyond that, I am clueless.

Concert: The Tender Fruit opened for Megafaun, which wasn’t too surprising, since the lead singer, Christy Smith, is the ex-girlfriend of Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver), who used to be in a band with the members of Megafaun. Have I lost you yet? She told us at the end of the show that the five of them who were on stage together had only ever practiced together four times. I was blown away when I heard that. All members of the band seemed on-point and embracing of the music. One of the band members was Phil Cook of Megafaun, which was fun to see. The harmonizations throughout the songs were wonderful, but nothing quite compared to the power of Smith’s voice. She has incredible pipes, and that’s likely the strongest asset of the band.

It was fun to watch how Smith plays her guitar. I can’t remember the last show I went to where I saw somebody strumming (rather than picking) an electric guitar. The way she went about it was an art in itself, and it rounded out the beautiful presence that Smith carried on stage. She was willing to tell the audience what each song was about and what inspired their storylines before performing each song, which in a way made me feel closer to her. One friend said it perfectly: if The Tender Fruit were touring and opening for David Gray, she could sell thousands of albums in the snap of a finger.

Concert Afterglow: I hope that Christy Smith gets recognized for her music rather than just being Justin Vernon’s ex-girlfriend. It took me seeing her live to make the transition in my own head, but the world needs to know of Smith’s musical talents.

Song: “Polar Bear” – The Tender Fruit [mp3 courtesy of folk hive]

Written by Lydia  || TwitterFacebook

Did you know that Sunset in the Rearview writers are trying to see and review 100 live shows in 365 days? Read more about 100Bands and see our other reviews.

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