16 November 2011

Miranda (School of Seven Bells Remix) – Surfer Blood

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Miranda (School of Seven Bells Remix) - Surfer Blood

This remix of Surfer Blood’s “Miranda” shakes the world out of my brain and onto the kitchen counter. From there each layer of sound works as an independent contractor in an effort to erect a beautiful earchitectural construct. And boy, do I ever get erect.

So there I am, erect on the kitchen counter, chilling as best I can to this scintillating School of Seven Bells¬†rendition… when the layers of the song start to come together at 1:45! At 2:06 I lose all respect for myself and country, ready for whatever awaits me in the rest of the song. And of course, with this much build up, it doesn’t disappoint.

MP3: Miranda (School of Seven Bells Remix) РSurfer Blood


I am completely sold; you can take that statement out of my paycheck and straight to the bank. Want more? Surfer Blood РTarot Classics album review coming soon!

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