16 August 2012

Sunset’s Back to School Special

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Ahh, mid-August. The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and girls are still wearing sundresses. For some of you, this simply means heading back to the trusty ol’ high school and seeing your friends again. For most of us, though, this means moving back to our respective colleges for another 9 months of pretty bad decisions sprinkled with responsibility. This also means that Syllabus/Orientation/Generic Name Week is about to start.

This past Tuesday, I did my part and moved into my off-campus house here at Cornell University. Of course, having a three-floor house full of 19 year olds necessitates parties, and therefore a party playlist. I’ve been posting songs throughout the summer where I’ve mentioned that they would fit perfectly in said party playlist, but now I’m going to group together a select group to add that extra little bit to your party, because you know, I know better than you do.


1. Avicii – Levels IN REVERSE (George Monev Edit)

Yes, Levels is overplayed. And yes, it’s still awesome. But somehow, this edit by George Monev makes it MOAR AWESOMER. He takes the awesome drop that everyone knows and levels and REVERSES it. Like. what? But it’s sick. You’ll like it.

MP3: Avicii – Levels IN REVERSE (George Monev Edit)

2. DJ Philistine – Shine On Low

A nice little mash-up that you probably haven’t heard before, but it’s been in rotation on the andyPod (I’m bad at naming things) for a couple years now. Philistine takes Ludacris’ “How Low” with the club banger “Shine On” by Someone Whose Name Is Escaping Me Right Now. The result is a fresh track that is sure to be a hit amongst partygoers.

MP3: DJ Philistine – Shine On Low

3. The Knocks – Dancing With The DJ

A fair amount of you probably know this one, but it’s worth the emphasis anyway. The DJ-duo of The Knocks delivered an upbeat, fun, original track that is going to be requested again and again and will be stuck in your head afterwards. WE DON’T CARE IF THE SUN COMES UP!!!!

MP3: The Knocks – Dancing With The DJ

4. Semisonic vs. Clinton Sparks – Closing Time

You might know that I’m a big Clinton Sparks fan, and for good reason. His mix of the CLASSIC 90’s track by Semisonic (You sure it isn’t Third Eye Blind? *Justin Timberlake voice*) adds a fantastic dance-feel and will have people asking you where you found it. From Andy, that’s where.

Mp3: Semisonic vs. Clinton Sparks – Closing Time

5. Tyga – Rack City (Remix)

Okay, okay, okay. Kind of a cop out here. But this remix is bringing fresh verses from Wale, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill, and T.I. to the table, so you aren’t going to have to listen to Tyga’s bullsh*t rapping for the entire song. It’s worth it. People will like it. I hope.

MP3: Tyga – Rack City (Remix)

Anything I should have added? Do I not know what I’m talking about? Do my jokes suck [Yes 🙁 ]? Let me know in the comments!


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