09 October 2013

[Sunset Selections] The One with the Trailer

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New Sunset Selections Trailer!

Jimmy Fallon likes Sunset Selections. Well, sort of… you have to watch the ultra cool trailer by our writer Eric to find out. The mixtape comes out tomorrow, which is just a trip ’cause I remember having the idea for it a few months ago. The experience of putting this mix together has been both really frustrating and super enjoyable. The entire #SunsetFam contributed to the making of the mixtape–whether it was through contacting artists, letting me “borrow” their artwork, or making this kick ass trailer. Also, the artists on the tape have been amazing and supportive of this idea. But shit, I guess I’ll talk more on that tomorrow.

Watch the video or hit the jump to (FINALLY) find out which artists are on tomorrow’s Sunset Selections mixtape.

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Sunset Selections of 2013:

Akono Miles
Allan Kingdom
Brenton Duvall
Cass Lowe
Connor Zwetsch
Doley Bernays
Jon Waltz
Kevin Abstract
Lonely Child
Ludwig Goransson
One Room
Sterling Fox

*from submissions


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