06 June 2016

Spotify Spotlight: SAD SUMMER SIXTEEN

posted by: Arjun Mixtapes
New Spotify Spotlight!

I have been a Spotify user for quite some time now, but just recently I have realized the power of Spotify playlists, particularly the Discover Weekly feature. The issue I have with Discover Weekly is that it is too good. It is so accurate that it doesn’t offer those completely left field selections that surprise me and get me excited about music. To counter this, I had the idea for Spotify Spotlight, a new feature that will highlight playlists by Sunset writers, fellow tastemakers, and artists. These are playlists that I follow that hopefully can inject an element of randomness back into the music discovery process.

The first playlist of this feature is SAD SUMMER SIXTEEN by… me. These are the songs that I am listening to this summer, featuring everything from “Sad Summer” by Yeek to “Summer Sixteen” by Drake. I sequenced the 80+ tracks but would not judge if you throw it on shuffle, especially during long drives or in the shower. I will continue adding to and changing the playlist because much like The Life of Pablo, SAD SUMMER SIXTEEN is a “a living breathing changing creative expression¬†#contemporaryart.”


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