10 November 2012

Social Studies – Developer

posted by: Ann New Music Daily

Social Studies makes a seriously strong showing with their second album, Developer, set to drop November 13th. The atmosphere of Developer is dark in a seductive way, with musical elements of alt-J and Beach House (especially on “Sans”). Lead singer Natalia Rogovin’s low, slightly jazzy range is raw, haunting, and downright impressive, the timbre of her voice blending perfectly with the band’s instruments. Best tracks include “Think of the Sea,” which is quietly epic with beautiful echoes, and “Away for the Weekend,” with gritty percussion and rhythmic angst.

Check out “Terracur” and “Away for the Weekend” on their Bandcamp while you’re waiting for Tuesday’s official release, or stream the album now on my new favorite music-related website (besides Sunset, of course), Rdio.


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