13 August 2013

[MP3] Smallpools – Dreaming (Magic Man Remix)

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

Oh my god it’s been a long day. When I finally found a minute to open up my SoundCloud account (for the first time in over a week…good god, this is my nightmare), I found solace in this absolute GEM from Magic Man. It’s a remix of one of the best tracks in the year: Dreaming by Smallpools. The thing is, and I don’t mean to belittle Smallpools in the slightest, this version feels a bit more victorious than the original. It’s got this airy, heavenly vibe about it that’s suddenly like OMG I AM GOD, THIS IS MY WORLD, EVERYBODY SHUT UP AND LISTEN. I feel invincible right now, yall. And there are no drugs involved. Just this magestic song. WHOA.

Oh no, please god tell me we’re dreaming

Original track: “Dreaming” by Smallpools


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