17 August 2015

Skizzy Mars – Weekend Millionaires (Remix)

posted by: Grant New Music Daily
Skizzy Mars smoking in Knicks beanie (Karmaloop).

Skizzy Mars is a master of the pseudo-remix, in which he takes another artists song and basically turns it into a beefed up sample for his own interpolation. He hit it out of the park with Miniature Tigers’ “Used to be the Shit”, perfectly channeled the spirit of All Day on “You Always Know the DJ,” and provided a killer bars on a flip of Lais’ signature cut “For You.”

But he gave himself a tough task with Katelyn Tarver‘s stellar “Weekend Millionaires,” a refreshingly honest look at the price of fame obsession disguised as an electro pop jam.

Skizzy and long-time producer Michael Keenan are ultimately up to the task, though they wind up taking the track in a pretty different sonic direction.

Keenan provides another signature spacy, midtempo beat with a smart chop of Tarver’s original vocals that truly comes alive on the hook. It substitutes the upbeat energy of Tarver’s single for something slower and hazier that better fits his MC.

Lyrically, Skizzy stays pretty true to the record’s theme, weaving another lost-girl-in-New-York tale like only he does. The remix also delves into typical Skizzy territory like the anxiety of growing older and the results of getting fucked up literally all the time.

“We both scared we getting older, youth is passing by/She says she links she loves me, man that’s asinine,” he raps.

The track is yet another strong addition to Skizzy’s impressive 2015 discography, and proof that when you have such a compelling signature sound it’s hard to put out a dud.


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