13 December 2011

Skizzy Mars – Shangri-La

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Skizzy Mars!

Skizzy Mars is one of the few artists that I will stop everything I’m doing to listen to. Yesterday, he surpassed 10,000 fans on Facebook, and so I suspected that he would release a new track in honor of that. My suspicions were vindicated when he mysteriously posted “8 pm” earlier today. Surely, at 8 pm, Skiz dropped “Shangri-La,” a track that he literally wrote and recorded yesterday. The young rapper also spoke briefly but candidly about his upcoming album Phases, which he is still working on. “Shangri-La” finds Skizzy talking about the girl he loves, The Simpsons, drugs, Skrillex, and alcohol.

You know how that is.

Shangri-La by SkizTheRapper

You like Skrillex? Well, I just copped a dubstep…


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