03 June 2012

Skizzy Mars – No Curfew

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily

Skizzy Mars is about to blow up. He’s not the best rapper, but he’s one of my favorite rappers. He’s one of my favorite rappers because he’s different than most rappers. He’s a lyricist with the musical approach of your favorite indie band. He focuses on melody. He delivers rap songs with unconventional hooks that are catchy and instantly quotable. This one is similar to the rest of his short but memorable collection of releases. The beat is chill and actually kind of classy, and Skizzy talks about being young, wild, and free. That’s another thing. He raps about things I can relate to.

Pale girls with fake tans, Ferrari cap with the Ray Bans, my eyes low looking Asian, driving through the city blasting Phases

Shout out to Brenton Duvall and Beau Young Prince for getting a Javelin-themed shout out around 0:40.


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