10 August 2015

[Premiere] Skittish – Shot In The Dark

posted by: Olinger New Music Daily

After the initial euphoria of a newly minted relationship passes, there is always a moment when the pendulum swings to self-doubt and anxiety begins to creep in. Saint Paul quartet Skittish can attest to this and have penned the perfect pop song to accompany those insecure feelings. It’s called “Shot In The Dark” (it should come with the alternate title “I’m Just Trying Not To Fuck It All Up”) and features a lovely performance by Brianna Tagg who is one half of the boy + girl fronted indie rockers who often sound like the lovechild of Queen and She and Him. What is made clear by the first few bars is that these kids are hugely talented in both the songwriting and production duties which they undertake by themselves. Skittish has been around for a few years, releasing some great music, but their newest LP Two Legs Bad (out this September) is bound to set them on an entirely new trajectory.


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