12 July 2011

Shawn Chrystopher – It’s My Time Now

posted by: Jordan New Music Daily

His last project, “You and Only You” was one of my favorite albums of all time. You might even be asking yourself who Shawn Chrystopher is? He’s a real down to earth guy. Real lyrics. Real songs. Can easily relate. Thats why “You and Only You” was that good, and I highly recommend you buy it/listen to it, whatever. Any who, he returns with the second single off of his next album that drops in September called “Silent Films For The Blind.” This single, “It’s My Time Now,” is set around the concept of how he got to where he is, what he avoided, and the route he took, and now it’s his time to take advantage of where he’s gotten himself.

“Feel so damn good to never have to sell crack. That mean’s we progressing, at least a little bit. That’s why I never truly understand why niggas in the hood sweatin’ all the little shit.”

Shawn Chrystopher – It’s My Time Now


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