29 March 2012

[EP] Sex Ray Vision – Relax

posted by: Jordan Mixtapes

I think it’s fair enough to say that Sex Ray Vision has made quite a name for themselves, super quick. Besides that, they’ve also become one of my favorite groups. I can hear a song and immediately know if its SRV. It’s come to that point. From their own original material, to their mashups (even remixes), it’s hard not to put one fist in the air, and constantly jump around.

This is their debut EP entitled Relax. When they say Relax, they mean “get ready to rage, Sex Ray Vision style!” – Actual statement from the group.

9 new eargasmic instrumental tracks, and 6 of them have been unheard until now! Grab this EP, turn up the music (just turn it up, louder!), grab your friends, grab some drinks (need to stay hydrated) and have a blast!

Download Relax: SoundCloud Mediafire

Check out their social networks: Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Youtube, Website


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