03 September 2013

[MP3] Seekae – Another Girl

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

We’ve come to the end of a long weekend, and as for me, I’m sitting on a bus in resurrected traffic after it magically disappeared for a few days due to the closing of a bridge, and I have this anxious feeling inside my stomach about going back to the fast-paced life at work. The weekend was filled with relaxing activities (and by that I mean “doing nothing”) and fun activities that let me completely escape the thought of work looming around the corner. (I’m going against the messages I tend to send in my Straight Talk Sunday posts, but work has just been stressful…no avoiding it, I don’t think.) So as I sit here scrolling through my SoundCloud stream, there are upbeat songs that I would probably otherwise like, but I’m not ready for that yet this morning (it is before 8am after all). And then this song by Australian group Seekae came on, and it was perfection. Its sonic qualities–slow, steady, calming–are exactly what I need to keep me calm right now. The ironic part is that its lyrics are incredibly unsettling: I want another girl, I want another girl, I thought that you should know. For now, I’m glad this song wasn’t written for me and that I can enjoy it for its therapeutic delivery of sounds rather than its gutting message. My apologies to any out there who feel the opposite.


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