03 August 2015

Scott Krokoff – I Got Nothing

posted by: Olinger New Music Daily

Folk troubadour Scott Krokoff tackles the heady subject of taking a relationship from platonic to romantic in organ tinged dirge “I Got Nothing”. What makes this song so exceptionally unexceptional is the fact that its author doesn’t even give himself the chance to be rejected. He provides the details of his wonderful night out with the girl of his dreams while simultaneously providing us with his self-defeating inner monologue which inhibits his true feelings and sabotages his intentions. It is a universal feeling that has rarely, if ever, been expressed so eloquently in song and for that; I tip my hat to Krokoff. May he experience many more such awkward moments so we may reap the benefit of his heartache. Go ahead and grab the song and have a good long cry in your beer.


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