11 November 2011

Savoir Adore – Dreamers (Updated w/ Xaphoon Jones Remix)

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Savoir Adore!

This is just majestic, y’all.

Savoir Adore’s “Dreamers” is a track that Neon Gold Record plans to promote heavily, and I don’t blame them. It features boy-girl vocals similar to those of Mates of State and Stars. The guy, lead singer Paul Hammer, starts the track, crooning over a catchy lead guitar line and bopping synths. The chorus then requires the girl, who whispers over a reduced beat. Sometimes less is more, I guess. The bass synths get straight up dirty after this. Then, the guy takes the lead. Repeat previous steps. Swag.

MP3: “Dreamers” – Savoir Adore

Look out for the 7″, featuring a booming “Dreamers” remix by Xaphoon Jones, on 11.11.11.

UPDATE: Guess what guys? It’s November 11th, 2011. I’ll be honest, behind the hype of Camp and Take Care, I completely forgot about this important date. What we have here was an already huge song that was made even huger by Xaphoon Jones. Armed with a grimy baseline, synths that can only be described as “wicked awesome,” and motherflippin’ space horns, Xaphoon propels us to another planet.

This is one of the biggest remixes of the year. Don’t sleep.

MP3: “Dreamers (Xaphoon Jones Space Horn Remix)” – Savoir Adore


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