21 March 2012

Samuel – Brooklyn

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily

Samuel is sitting on the brink of mainstream success. I mean, he has to be. The guy is everywhere in the blogosphere and is about to be more so as he cultivates both his solo career and his hip-hop project One Room with his buddy/Lydia’s Valentine this year Chris P. This new track came with the simple message, “Over a year in the making, here is my new song ‘Brooklyn’.” It is a simple introduction to what might be my favorite track of the year (so far). On it, Samuel takes a familiar acoustic sound and places it in the unique context of big city loneliness. The New York native takes full command of the track as it builds into a satisfying conclusion. Thank God for repeat buttons.

‘Cause darling I wanna come see ya, but you live in Brooklyn…


If you didn’t know Samuel before this post, here are some of my favorite tracks from his debut album Trains To Wanderland.


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