22 November 2013

[EP] River Tiber – The Star Falls

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

I just found out about this 23-year old Canadian singer and producer who goes by the name of River Tiber (real name is Tommy Paxton-Beesley) over on The Music NinjaI’m reminded right now a bit of the day that I first heard Oliver Tank’s music. There was the moment, very soon after pressing play, that I knew this was a real life moment that I’d remember for a while. The brain holds a lot of information, yall, but for you to actually be able to remember it, many times you have to associate it with emotion or sense. I’m not in a memorable place right now, but I feel this music. I’m going to remember this moment on a Friday, sitting at my desk, just like any other day, but for what I just stumbled upon.

It sounds as though River Tiber has quite the audience in his native Toronto who already know and love his music. But if it’s just beginning to seep outside the Canadian borders, let me be one to tell you that this young man is onto something really special. He’s creating electronic music that isn’t dependent on heavy synths, which currently feel overdone in the music market. He’s doing something more unique, more adventurous and exploratory, than what you often hear in the electronic music scene. It tends to be much softer than that. Even on “The City,” which starts with a drumkit baseline, it emerges into something that sounds so calm and natural. At times his vocals sound a bit reminiscent of Jeff Buckley’s, who is one of my favorite artists of all time. It’s truly beautiful, yall. I may have just found my newest crush.

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