05 February 2012

Rhye – Open

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily

If you follow my Twitter (Who am I kidding? Everyone does!), then you know that last night was kind of rough for me. Really, you can barely tell that without really reading into my tweets because I enjoy subtweeting and trying to make jokes even when I’m sad. These are probably bad habits that I will probably keep, but anyway, the point of this story is that I’m a sensitive little girl and this song is a representation of me last night.

Shout out to Duncan Cooper of Fader for premiering the track and for saying, “I think [“Open”] includes the love-lyric, I’m a fool for your belly, which, on top of all these gentle strings and dancing harp lines, is so uncomplicatedly sweet it makes me sick to my stomach about every half-nice thing I’ve said that should’ve been more direct.” Girls, man, girls.

Also, the two members of Rhye are part of other well-known bands. Further details about the duo are being withheld by The Man.


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