28 March 2012

Regina Spektor – Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily
Regina Spektor What We Saw From The Cheap Seats

This song reminds me of my sisters. All four of them. Here’s why.

Sister 4: Her personality resembles Regina Spektor’s music. She’s glowing, she’s bright, she’s energetic, and she’s fun. But she has a serious side, too. Hence: Regina. And, to top it off, Regina Spektor is one of her favorite artists.
Sister 3: This song has a steel drum feel to it. This sister has said her whole life that she’s going to get married barefoot on a beach and UB40 will be playing at the reception. If it isn’t UB40, you better believe it’ll be another band that plays the steel drums.
Sister 2: This sister and I often go home and play duets on the piano. You know…she takes one hand, I take the other. Not traditional duets. It’s just, well, easier that way. And it’s fun. And it makes our Mom happy. So hey, why not? Well, I can imagine us sitting down to play this song together. It seems like it’d be easier to play with four hands than two.
Sister 1: Frozen noses, frozen toes, the frozen city starts to glow…I love Paris in the rain. This sister just had a baby a couple months ago. My nephew is the love of my life these days. And his name is Harris. So needless to say, when I hear “I love Paris in the rain,” I hear “I love Harris…blah blah blah.” And “frozen noes, frozen toes…” come on, that just screams “adorable baby” to me. Ugh, so in love.

And in other news, I guess I could tell yall that this is off of Regina Spektor‘s upcoming record, What We Saw From The Cheap Seats, available May 29th worldwide. It’s Regina’s version of a song written in 1959 by Jacques Brel. Over the years, several artists have tried their hand at recreating the song, and in fact, Regina released a different version of this cover on 2002’s album, “Songs,” but this one has a different, and perhaps even more delightful, feel to it.


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