08 January 2013

Rawn & Bambi – Adorn: The Sextape [Miguel Remix]

posted by: Andy New Music Daily

Let me tell you, when I realized that I forgot Miguel’s “Adorn,” the “Let’s Get It On” of our generation, on my Top Songs of 2012 list, I was distraught. My energy was killed. I didn’t leave my rooms for days.

Not really, but I was disappointed in myself. So when I saw this 25 minute remix by Rawn & Bambi creep across my Twitter timeline, I jumped at it. Fantastic. Combining various remixes (including their own) of the song, Rawn & Bambi (R&B!?!?!?! *head explodes*) create the only track you’ll ever need for alone-time with the boo-thang. From a capella to funk to some Bad Boy/Diddy talk, this has everything you need to enjoy over and over again. So light some candles, break out the nice sheets, and remember: safe sex is a woman’s responsibility. (RIP Patrice O’Neal)

[h/t @lilybenson]


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