28 June 2015

Ra’$haun – June 28th

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Ra'$haun!

We have referred to Milwaukee, Wisconsin as one of most surprising, eclectic hip-hop hotspots in the country. Well, it turns out Madison, Wisconsin is on the rise, too. I don’t know what they are eating in Wisconsin (cheese?), but it’s working to create rappers left, right, and center. One of these guys is Ra’$haun (born Ra’Shaun Randle), and today is his birthday.

“June 28th” is a short track at under two minutes long, but it serves as an ideal introduction. The song is a living, breathing organism, and the lyrics are delivered like a heartbeat pounding off the parchment. Every word is important and weighed down by the welcome burden of passion and perspective.

It’s hard to see the bigger picture with the filter still on


Below is my other favorite track by the Madison rapper.


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