03 March 2015

Purity Ring – Bodyache

posted by: Tim New Music Daily

Drink it in, friends…this is the last time you’re going to hear Purity Ring‘s “Bodyache” with pure ears. I’m not betting recklessly when I say most of Another Eternity, their second LP on 4AD, will get broken down into several million club remixes, another million chopped and screwed reimaginings once the stems leak, and an almost unfathomable amount of covers and cyphers in the coming months.

But “Bodyache” has the makings of being the one, the closest Purity Ring will get to mainstream accolades without sacrificing their trap-pop sound and goth kid lyrical chemistry. Fans of Shrines might cry the forces of pop evils finally took young Corin Roddick and Megan James’ souls, but I don’t think anyone that knows they’re about to become pop stars would sing a line like, “I wanna stare at the tears, how they water your years” with any sincerity.

My guiltiest pleasure of 2015, Another Eternity, is out worldwide today and will likely take over several countries with brute force by early tomorrow.


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