11 July 2013

ProbCause – LSD (ft Chance The Rapper)

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

Chance The Rapper has gone from the kid who was expelled from high school and put together a mixtape in 10 days that gained some good traction to the kid who took that opportunity and ran with it like no other. He released what is arguable the best mixtape of the year in Acid Rap, and now he’s got every major label fighting to sign him. But rather than letting it phase him and blow up his ego, Chance keeps doing his thing. He teamed up with ProbCause on a song called LSD that they released just a couple days ago, and while I don’t think it’s the best thing that I’ve ever heard from either of these two, it’s still a solid showing from Chance (I think he makes the song worth listening to). This is a release leading up to the release of ProbCause’s mixtape, The Recipe Vol. 2, on July 16th.


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