28 March 2013

Premiere: Stars – Backlines [Acoustic Version]

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily

My introduction to Stars was hearing “Take Me to the Riot” from their 2007 album In Our Bedroom After the War. I remember being mesmerized by their rich, enchanting, and almost conversational approach to indie rock music. I was in middle school when I realized how late to the party I was. After meticulously scrolling through the band’s back catalog, I became a true fan, and the Canadian group basically soundtracked my angst-ridden teenage years. It’s actually kind of amazing how the Toronto natives have maintained such a high level of quality through SIX full-length albums. For years, I’ve been listening to Stars, putting their songs on mix CDs for friends, and driving aimlessly with their music in the background. For these reasons, I’m very proud to present a video of a stripped-down performance of a highlight from their latest LP The North.

[via MTV]

Bonus! Stream the entire The North LP.


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