10 February 2017

[Premiere] Marshall Sinclaire – Hydraulics

posted by: Olinger New Music Daily

When you think of Oklahoma, virtuosic rap may be the last thing that comes to mind but Tulsa-based Marshall Sinclaire is primed to put his State on the map. His new subwoofer suited single “Hydraulics” offers up the slow-burning, late night vibes of classic Nas and Tech N9ne, bucking the the current trend of unintelligible, bubblegum trap. While the tracks first few stanzas finds the MC gaining his footing, it isn’t long before he is off to the races and delivering a stellar second verse with ninja-like wordplay and progressive storytelling. The compelling lyrics are complimented by a wicked, notched down hook that bounces along beautifully to the dark piano notes and wicked sub bass line. “Hydraulics” is one of the many excellent cuts from Sinclair’s new album, noth(k)ing, out later this month.


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