02 April 2017

[Premiere] Joey Aich – Rope Break

posted by: Jordan New Music Daily

Back in high school, Joey Aich was just a 16 year old kid wanting to become a rapper. He wanted to put his thoughts on paper, share his views, spread his message, and have fun doing it. So that’s exactly what he did. Doesn’t take much to get started doing this music thing. He had a dream back then, and wanted to do anything he could to make it happen. That was seven years ago. That dream hasn’t changed for the Cleveland born rapper. What’s different from then versus now? Joey has a couple projects under his belt, he’s consistently performing shows all around Ohio, and he’s gained a following. On top of all of that, he was able to share the stage with his favorite rapper. Check out the incredible story below from Joey:

When Asher Roth released Seared Foie Gras with Quience and Cranberry, I was hooked. He’s been my favorite rapper since that release. In 2014, after I dropped College D.egree, I went to his show at the House of Blues in Cleveland. My friend and I tried to sneak into the meet and greet Asher was holding without tickets to give him a demo. As you would expect, we got kicked out. So we waited in the parking lot, and eventually Asher came out to talk and even rapped with a few of us. Fast forward to 2015, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to open up for him. In one of my older songs, I have a line where I say “visions of Asher Roth inviting me to the stage.” During Asher’s set, he called me up and we performed “Lark On My Go Kart” together.


That’s what this latest release is about. It’s about chasing your dreams, and doing everything you can to make it happen. Joey writes from the point of view as a rapper. He wanted his message to be clear that it’s for everyone else too, and that they’re not alone. “Rope Break” is off of If Money Grew On Trees due later this year. This also marks Joey’s debut on Spotify, and Apple Music.


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