16 June 2015

[Premiere + Interview] Gemineyes – EP

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Gemineyes!

Just a week after the release of their debut single “Drive,” which premiered on Sunset, Gemineyes has let us premiere their four-track, self-titled EP. The four songs from Gnash and Harry Hudson‘s side project harbor the instant gratification of your favorite pop songs but with lyrics so relatable they feel plagiarized from your daily life. Or more accurately, they say the things you want to say to the girl you’ve been talking to instead of like the 20th meme this morning. In their own words,

gemineyes ep is the soundtrack to a perfect day – with someone you love, someone who’s your best friend, someone you would take the neverending nap with, and at the bottom of everything, someone you want to drive home with.

Also, today is Gnash’s birthday, so everybody wish him happy birthday on Twitter.

Hit the jump to read our interview with the duo, and download each track below.

Download links:

1. Love

2. Knock Knock

3. Sleeping in the Sea

4. Drive


How did you two meet?

H: I believe we were brothers in a past life, but my manager connected us together in this life.
G: TRUUUU, JJ had me come thru 2 meet harry & possibly dj for him. honestly i didn’t listen 2 his stuff until about 5 minutes before the mtg, & i skimmed thru at that, bc i’m a shiest. once i was there, though, it took me about 5 minutes 2 realize that harry & i were on the exact same wavelength & i felt dumb lol but didn’t admit it. i hadn’t heard of him before, as i’m notoriously disconnected from pop culture, but his story was awesome, & beyond that, we just vibed on not letting people bring us down & only wanting 2 make dope shit.

Were you in the same place for the Gemineyes sessions?

G: I do my best stuff in the room with the person i’m working with. I usually don’t even start a beat until i’m with the artist, & because this was so collaborative, it was a must.
H: Yup, all sessions took place together to create the best product we could.
G: sometimes we facetime so i can see harry’s interesting facial expressions when he sings ideas to get the full vibe.

What was the first session like? What track came together first?

H: It was the day after we physically met, gnash was like come through to my home studio, I pulled up on him all swift, in that first 33min together, we created our record “Knock Knock” which inspired our Gemineyes project.
G: We worked all over on this! initially, yea, in my garage 2 write knock knock, which i already had started as a potential song 4 my u album. then we took it 2 malibu & did sleeping in the sea & the beat/skeleton hook 4 drive. originally, we did my song “u only call me when it’s raining out” there 4 this, but i used that on u, so i made the beat 4 love in the meeting where i had 2 tell harry that i was gonna use that song under the pressure. i make my most fire shit without listening to it until i make it look like a pretty puzzle in the session. when i hit play back at his apartment on the patio, it was fire, & harry had the idea 4 the hook. then 2 finish recording we took it back 2 my garage 🙂

Do you think certain art can only be fully appreciated while on drugs? Or do you think great art can be fully appreciated in any mind state? (Inspired by this #controversial tweet)

G: we’re all on drugs all the time, whether it’s oxytocin or adrenaline or whatever it is. ur call, ur choice, ur journey. try both, u decide. (my dad helped me with this one lol)
H: yea idk i’m high af off life rn

What character from a coming-of-age movie are you each most like? What movie is the Gemineyes EP?

H: I’d have to say gnash is Regina George and I am Cady Heron from Mean Girls.
G: I’m donnie darko, & harry is spongebob. so the ep is a movie called donnie squarepants.

Prettiest unnatural hair color on a girl?

H: pink
G: whatever feels natural 2 u
H: nash ur the #1 shiest but ilu

Favorite food to eat while high?

H: Churro ice cream sandwiches or Stuffed Crust Pizza.
G: def same. harry’s birthday party was me, his brother remy, & i on his balcony w/ these things. i adamantly don’t rep valley but s/o 2 ventura blvd 4 the plug.

Last album that made you ~emotional~?

G: give up – the postal service (eternally)
H: no strings attached – *nsync
G: wait same

Favorite recent new music discovery?

G: the bend dropbox is pretty fire rn :). my lil homie dapurr. worry – jack garrett (sick name btw). i’m late but st. vincent was crazy at coachella. just rediscovered the first brand new album “your favorite weapon” & found my “the young and hopeless” good charlotte cd on a shelf in my sunroom so that’s been bumpin in the pri-wagon when the data low, u know how that shit go.
H: nash stop fronting. irl nash only listens 2 t swift blank space & waited 3 hours to meet 1D. i’m feeling that sexy ass duo Gemineyes.
G: …k it’s true i rly fuck w/ heart attack

Birthday plans?

G: gonna eat a tuna melt (cheddar on sourdough) w/ mixed regular & sweet potato fries at the 101 w/ a side of ranch & my family & friends (tbh i’m just tryna get a sponsorship from them). coffee with two creams & no sugar. grand finale is gonna be the waffle brownie sundae tho. that’s a holy dessert.


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