21 October 2015

Pr0files – Empty Hands

posted by: Grant New Music Daily

Making anthemic pop music may seem as easy as stacking synth loop after synth loop and cranking up the drum track, but there’s an indelible quality that separates your run-of-the-milll overproduced record from something truly special.

Pr0files‘ “Empty Hands” definitely falls into the latter category. The electro pop duo’s single is a wash of gooey, warm synth chords and bewitching falsetto vocals from Lauren Pardini.

The track’s soulfulness and organic sound is reminiscent of M83 or Washed Out, but perhaps they sum up the song best by saying “[it] could easily slide in on the Drive soundtrack. ”

With its shiny, glimmering sound “Empty Hands” is a wonderful dose of Indian summer that will surely get people excited for their upcoming debut LP Jurassic Technologie.


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