30 April 2012

POP ETC – Live It Up [Video]

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily

Lydia caught you up with The Morning Benders/POP ETC situation last month. Basically, The Morning Benders changed their name to POP ETC, creating a new image and sound, after discovering “benders” is a derogatory term for gay people in certain parts of Europe. Initially, I felt bad for the members of The Morning Benders. They had finally made it–broken through to a massive audience–only to realize that they had been unintentionally offending the biggest fans of their music. I’m realizing now that starting over for this Californian band could be a good thing. It seems that under the POP ETC name Chris Chu and Co. have been given the unique opportunity to move their sound away from the baroque pop of The Morning Benders that fans had come to expect and towards the lighter, more eclectic pop sound that they want to make. With a debut mixtape already released and an album slated for June 12th, POP ETC are looking to regain their legions of old fans and gain new ones in the process. It’s working so far.

Earlier today the trio released the music video for the lead single “Live It Up” off their debut album. It is simple–yes–but something about Chris Chu’s facial expressions as he sings his tune is freaking entrancing (no homo). The song itself is a delightful sort of R&B/electro-pop fusion (reminiscent of Discovery) which is probably why they label their music as “pop etc” (no homo).


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