18 May 2013

Petite Noir – Noirse [Music Video]

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Petite Noir!

Lyrics in music are generally used to convey a feeling. Some artists like to complicate things and talk through metaphors. Others like Petite Noir on “Noirse” cut straight to the good stuff with simple yet powerful words. This is one of those rare songs that cannot quite be categorized in current genre structures (he calls it ‘noirwave’), but whatever it is I feel ten times cooler listening to it. Support good music, and purchase Yannick Ilunga’s (freakin’ cool name) remix EP here.

Show me your secrets, why you so pretty, girl,

Show me your beauty, let’s take it easy, girl,

Show me a good time, you’re always on my mind, girl,

Let’s have a party, just you and me,¬†girl

[via P&P]

Bonus! Stream my other favorite Petite Noir track.


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