25 September 2012

Bon Iver – Perth (Manila Killa Remix)

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily
Perth Bon Iver Manila Killa

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m tired as shit. I’m sitting on a bus, again, and finding a couple minutes to blog. It’s sad I have so little time these days, but I can’t find it in me to let it all go. So here I sit, struggling to keep my eyes open, but desperate to continue my love for sharing music. It’s funny, you know, trying to strike a balance between work and personal life, because I can’t honestly say that this blog doesn’t take work, but it’s part of my personal life. So where does it fall? It all comes down to passion, I suppose. And being inspired by real music.

One of the artists who has inspired me the most over the couple years is Bon Iver, and I think if you’ve been reading this blog for even a little bit of time, that’ll seem obvious. But it’s true, and sometimes I forget that. I’ll go on spurts where I don’t listen to a favorite artist’s music (hell, I didn’t listen to much Macklemore for about 2 years, and then that fucker came back and punched me in the face for it…thank God), and then I’m reminded why they’re a favorite in the first place. This reminder came last night when I was perusing through my Instagram feed and saw that my best blogger friend, Confusion, was taking these incredible pictures at a Bon Iver show in New York City, and I felt a longing for a bit more Bon Iver in my life.

Coincidentally, I received an email this morning from the remix artist Manila Killa saying that he was recently inspired by a Bon Iver show at Radio City Music Hall, which led to him creating this remix of Bon Iver’s “Perth.” And at a time when I’m fighting to keep my eyes open, the intrigue of the remix is just enough to keep me interested, but it doesn’t rob too many elements of perfection from Bon Iver’s original. There’s a line, and it hasn’t been crossed. Very nice work, Manila Killa. Thanks for bringing me back.

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