13 February 2012

Stream New Perfume Genius Album ‘Put Your Back N 2 It’

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily
Perfume Genius Put Your Back N 2 It

A little over a year ago, I released my Best Albums of 2010, and I think I had just about everybody shocked when I chose Perfume Genius’s ‘Learning as my pick for Best Album of 2010. Today, Arjun texted me with a heads up that Perfume Genius’s new album is up for streaming and that it’s “amazing.” To be completely honest with yall right now, I haven’t listened to the album yet. I’ve heard a few singles, but that’s it. I wont let myself listen to Perfume Genius a first time through when I’m at work with headphones on. I’m going to wait until I get home and can sit in complete silence and actually listen to every single word Mike Hadreas has to say. Because that’s what his music is for; it’s for retrospection, it’s for thinking about life from a different view, it’s for commiseration. At least that’s what Learning was. I’m excited to find out more about Put Your Back N 2 It and see if this one changes my life the same way Learning did. Leave a comment with your thoughts, if you wish.

[via Spin]


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