03 November 2011

[EP] Para One & Tacteel – Fair Enough

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Para One & Tacteel

The French duo Para One & Tacteel – long-time collaborators, if you know what I mean – released the Fair Enough EP in July, 2011 . The eclectic electronic album sounds as if it is simultaneously piped from Purgatory and a shared two-man cell on Stutter Island.

Para One & Tacteel | Rome from Akatre on Vimeo.

I immediately loved A1 and Rome, but Touch! has that age-old attractiveness that grows on you; that sound that’s hard to pin down. It sounds a bit like two robots beat-battling on electrified calfskin drums filled to the brim with mercury poisoning. Enchanting in a dangerous way.

MP3“A1” – Para One & Tacteel

MP3“Rome” – Para One & Tacteel

MP3“Touch!” – Para One & Tacteel

In just 5 songs the duo demonstrates their dexterity; each song is distinct from the rest, with Tin Drum and Always awkwardly waiting their turn to perform. I’m not sure how many French people put down their baguettes long enough to give the 5-song collection a listen, but it was well worth the 22 American minutes in my opinion. I hereby award Fair Enough with the Silver metal of Mercury, whatever that means.

Para One & Tacteel – Tin Drum by Para One

Para One & Tacteel – Always by Para One


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