13 November 2012

Panama – It’s Not Over

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Panama the Band

Panama is Australian label Future Classic‘s latest signing. The band is made up of Jarrah McCleary, an Australian himself who learned to play classic piano at the age of six. McCleary had once formed a band called The Dirty Secrets, who got to work with legendary producer and engineer Nick Terry. They did quite well for themselves, making it to big-name festivals around the world. But in early 2011, McCleary headed toward Los Angeles. The Dirty Secrets quickly became something very different, something very LA. The band’s bio describes the transition beautifully:

a short summer experience in the ‘city where dreams are made’ lead to tracks tinged with hints of hopeful house music strewn with the sleaziness of Venice beach and too much free poured tequila. Heavily steeped in sunburn, the scent of coconut, beer drinking on the promenade and bikini-clad girls on roller-skates – the band was faced with no other option than to create a new project – and so, Panama was born. 

Panama just crossed my radar for the first time today with this track “It’s Not Over,” and I’m immediately feeling the urge to dive into this pool of crystal clear, blue water and go exploring. Anybody else feel a bit like they’re snorkling and looking at awesome underwater wildlife when they listen to this song? Or maybe it’s just because the picture here is the background of their website.

You say you wish you were younger, so you can make mistakes again


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