08 February 2012

Mysterious ‘One Room’ Reveals Their Identity

posted by: Lydia News & Humor
New One Room!

I fell in love on October 28th. Complicatedly, I wasn’t sure exactly who I was in love with. The best I could say was ‘somebody capable of blending different forms of music from rock to R&B to hip-hop to pop,’ and I could imagine a face in my mind, but it was all in my imagination. I knew this much: they were called One Room. But who were they? There were rumors that it was The Knocks under a different identity. The rumors were immediately shut down by The Knocks themselves. Doubters might have doubted (and haters might have hated), but come on, people…they SWORE. Real men don’t break swears.

Today, the secret is out. One Room revealed their identity. The duo happens to be consisted of Samuel and Chris-P, both connected to Heavy Roc music.¬†¬†Turns out The Knocks wasn’t a far off guess, as they’re part of Heavy Roc music as well.

Feels pretty good to put a face to the name, ya?

One Room – Believe by oneroom



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