15 November 2011

Oncue – Kinda Late feat. Mike Posner

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Oncue – Kinda Late feat. Mike Posner || Download “Kinda Late”

Well, damn. This is our last single off of Oncue’s “Can’t Wait” project which drops tomorrow, and this one is huge. Featuring super dope production from 88-Keys, this one’s got a really great little piano/bass/guitar groove to it. A little funk, a little jazz, a little Posner, a little Cuey…what more could you ask for?

I was talking to Cuey over email the other day, and it’s crazy to think about how far dude has come–I remember interviewing him last December when he was nowhere near what he is today, both in terms of recognition and in terms of quality, and it’s awesome to see his progression. The fact that Posner’s verse is easily the worst part of this song speaks volumes about Cuey, and I think signals his ability to have widespread pop appeal.

Posner’s on here, and he still chooses to use his own voice on the hook–what? Yes. Awesome. Killed it. #CantWait


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