21 November 2011

Oliver Tank – Dreams [EP]

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily
Oliver Tank Dreams Cover

Oliver Tank is one of my favorite finds of 2011. When I saw that he released a new EP via Yes Please Records, I nearly jumped out of my seat to grab it. I haven’t been up to date on the newest music lately because of my big cross-country move, but new music from Oliver Tank is one of the first things that I needed to hear and download. The first song on the EP, “Up All Night,” is incredible. It sounds like other Oliver Tank songs, with that beautiful falsetto vocal inclusion over some soothing electronic instrumentals. It’s dreamy, serene, and sweet all the same. I love it.

The second song, “Embrace,” is a bit more experimental and features a female vocalist by the name of Fawn Myers. It’s got a repetitive instrumental background, but they explore a melody on the vocals that takes you on a trip through your own mind, peaking into different areas as it goes.

You can purchase the entire Oliver Tank EP for a price of your choice over at the Bandcamp page.

MP3: “Up All Night” – Oliver Tank

MP3: “Embrace” (ft. Fawn Myers) – Oliver Tank

Can you teach me how to dance…real slow? 

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