27 August 2015

Oh, Be Clever – River

posted by: Kyle Copier New Music Daily

New music from Oh, Be Clever (who you met on this site a few months back) is always a welcome sound to my ears, and their newest track, “River”, is a great flex of muscles I hadn’t seen the duo show off yet.

If you’ve been following Oh, Be Clever closely, you’ll be familiar with the fact that a lot of their songs incorporate bigger instrumentals underneath singer Brittney Shields’ big vocals, but “River” is one of the more somber sounding instrumentals I’ve heard producer/writer Cory Layton put together thus far. The end result is a showcase of the wide array of sounds the duo can cover without feeling any kind of overstretched.

Overall, this song only adds to my thoughts on the ceiling of Oh, Be Clever. I’ve lived in Utah a long time, and I can’t recall a time that I’ve been as excited to see the future of an act as I am with this group.

Check out “River” here!

Kyle Copier



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