03 November 2015

Ofelia K – Hawk Fly Tiger Run

posted by: Nathan New Music Daily
ofelia k

For the last few months, we’ve been slowly introduced to the stunning singer-songwriter, Ofelia K, who has been slowly rolling out her debut Plastic Flower EP. The young songstress has been dazzling the world with her left-leaning take on pop – not quite as underground as indie, but not quite as mainstream as pop.

“Hawk Fly Tiger Run” is the fourth and final piece of her EP, and it’s nothing short of breathtaking. At first listen, it’s hard to put this record into words – the production has a lot going on with banjo twangs, bluesy guitar riffs, and a slow drum pattern, while Ofelia K’s ethereal croons dig into the depths of your soul – but as you keep listening, the pieces start to come together more and more. “Hawk Fly Tiger Run” is more than just the final track on the EP, rather it’s one of the most important components that ties together the entire project.

But don’t listen to me – take her own word on it – “HFTR was one of the first songs I made for my EP and it felt like a real turning point musically. It’s always hard for me to describe this song to people…I know there’s a lot going on – Prince funk grooves, banjo twangs, playful guitars and deliberate pop programming, but the song really feels like me and it helped map the course of the rest of the EP.” – Ofelia K.


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