06 October 2012

Oddisee – Rock Creek Park

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If you’re in search of some mellow instrumental hip-hop, I gotchu covered. I’m now a huge Oddisee fan, so I was super excited to see that the prolific rapper/producer came out with a new album, Rock Creek Park, a few weeks ago.

This album is perfect fall music, and perfect for letting your mind wander after inundating your brain with all sorts of information (a.k.a. schoolwork). Like Oddisee’s explanation at the bottom of the Bandcamp page suggests, all the tracks evoke a sort of nostalgia, even if the place you think of while you listen to it isn’t the place he’s thinking of. I’ve never been to Rock Creek Park in D.C., but after listening to this album, I want to go to there. (And while we’re on that note, happy season premiere of 30 Rock!)

Best tracks: “Uptown Cabaret,” “Skipping Rocks,” “The Carter Barron”


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