17 February 2013

NP #2: MNEK, BESTiE, and Thumpers

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily

I did the first NP feature last month. Well, I didn’t know exactly what it was going to be last month. But now, I’ve decided it will be a recurring feature because it’s just a great way for me to introduce some exciting, new acts I’ve discovered during my excursions through the Internet (sorry if the word “excursions” makes you feel uncomfortable).

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Sounds like: Sampha, Frank Ocean, God

Every part of me wants to start this write-up with “When God created man…” but that could get weird and confusing, so I’m restraining myself. It’s just that South London’s MNEK has the voice of 10,000 angels put together to form an angel choir, except he’s just one guy. And more than that, he’s only 18. He has an endless vocal range, an ear for catchy melodies, and a fresh, grimy vision for R&B.

Check out his SoundCloud for more refixes, features, remixes, etc. from the young artist.


Sounds like: Vampire Weekend, The Griswolds

Fronted by a fellow blogger, Tristan Orchard of Winnie Cooper, BESTiE is a band that brings your dream vacation right to you (I know, that sounds like a bad infomercial). Their tropical-flavored form of indie-pop is infectious. At first listen, their single “Pineapple” will have you dancing in the sands of Hawaii, probably in the scandalous attire seen in the video below. That video and maybe their SoundCloud bio say it all:

BESTiE is a band whose influences are summer, ice cream, the beach, girls, floating down a river in an inner tube, high fives and heart break.

We will be lovers before this day is through / We’ll eat pineapple by the morning light


Sounds like: San Cisco, Givers

This is music for your next road trip. When I listen to “Dancing’s Done,” all I can see is the trees flashing by my car on the highway with the windows down, hair swooshing around, and music blasting for the world to hear. Add “Sound of Screams” to the playlist, and I see my car full of friends on our way to a concert or movie or party, and I love it.


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