23 June 2011

Music Blogs: Who They Equate To In The Music Industry

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily
Music Blogs vs Artists

Music blogs are everywhere these days, huh? When I started this blog back in 2008, I thought I was doing something groundbreaking. I would tell people I was a blogger, but not just any blogger…I was only here to talk about…music. ‘Nobody’s doing that, man! This will be awesome!’ Little did I know, there were already hundreds, if not thousands, of music blogs out there. These days, the number of music blogs on this thing called the interwebs is growing at the speed of sound. Before we get too out of hand, let’s slow down and take a look at what’s out there. And while we’re at it, let’s compare it to something we all know and love: music. I’m going to talk about a few music blogs, Sunset in the Rearview included, and pick out who they’re like in the music industry. If you don’t agree with things, leave comments and say why! Add other blogs and say who they’re like! Let’s get a conversation going!

1. Sunset in the Rearview

Sunset in the Rearview is my lovechild, so don’t judge me when I pick my favorite person for this blog. That being said, you can probably guess who I’m going to say. Sunset in the Rearview = Kid Cudi. Sometimes cracked out, sometimes serious, all times honest with you. Having gone through a recent makeover, it’s a bit reminiscent of Kid Cudi’s transformation from a rapper to a rocker. We cover the bangers, Cudder makes some bangers. We’ll also slow it down a bit and tell you the real things about ourselves. I’m thinking right now about my Straight Talk Sunday posts. Real recognize real.


2. Pigeons and Planes

Pigeons and Planes. If you know about music blogs, you likely know about Pigeons and Planes. I’m honored to call Confusion my blogger BFF, because I think that raises my street cred, really. If something is posted on Pigeons and Planes, there’s an automatic need to listen to it and love it. Just like when Lil Wayne was featured on every single song. If you saw a song that said (ft. Lil Wayne), you knew you needed it in your iTunes library. Same goes for anything that has Confusion’s stamp of approval. He digs it, you need it. Featuring Pigeons and Planes.


3. Mostly Junk Food

Mostly Junk Food came out of nowhere in the land of music blogs. All the sudden, I started seeing some dude named “Marc,” or, at times, “jamarcus,” posting in my ChatBox, tweeting at me, and talking about music. It’s exactly like the time when I started seeing “Odd Future” everywhere on Tumblr (back when Sunset was a Tumblr blog). It came out of nowhere, but before I knew it, everybody was talking about it. And similar to Odd Future, who are unsigned but have captured the attention of eyes and ears everywhere, Mostly Junk Food has made it to where they are without the help of Hype Machine, a major booster for several music blogs that have made it to where they are today. And, it doesn’t hurt that MJF has so many writers on board, it’s hard to keep track of who’s who over there. Same goes for the Odd Future gang.


4. Herfection

Herfection is like an OG in hip hop music blogging. Heather, the founder and writer on the site, does it all on her own and she seems to have connections all over the music industry. She has gotten big time awards for her blog, and it’s easy to see why. For this reason, Herfection reminds me quite a bit of Beyonce. Hailing from the South, but realizing she needed to get to the Big City to make some noise, Heather moved to New York City from North Carolina not too long ago. Similarly, Beyonce realized after her Destiny’s Child days that in order for people to really believe in her, she needed to go solo and really make a splash. We all know that Beyonce is hooked up with the big dogs, being married to Jay-Z and all, and Heather isn’t too far off herself. Regularly tweeting with her buddies J. Cole and Theophilus London, it’s clear that Heather has friends in the right places, too.


5. The Music Ninja

The Music Ninja is old and trusted. Though it’s expanded to become a ton of different writers, I still think of it as just one music ninja: it’s founder, Blas. An incredibly friendly guy and well-versed in electronic music, The Music Ninja himself is established. It reminds me a bit of Daft Punk. Been popular for a long time, but far from forgotten, the Daft Punk guys are still making a name for themselves (think: TRON). This comparison is about being trusted, established, popular, and real.


6. 2DopeBoyz

Like Herfection, 2DopeBoyz is an OG in this game. They’re lucky enough to have their blog be their full-time jobs, so they pour all of their time into it, and because of that, and other reasons, it’s a great blog. Want to know any and all new hip hop songs out on the Internet? I bet you 2DopeBoyz is talking about it. I could have gone with Eminem here, because what do you know, Shake (main dude on 2DB) is white, but I don’t want this list to become a “who do bloggers look like” thing. It’s not meant to be that way. So instead, I’m going to say that they’re like Snoop Dogg. OG status. West Coast. Not fucking around. To me, Snoop Dogg is more of a brand than he is a rapper. Listening to his latest raps, he doesn’t say much of value. But the value lies in that he’s saying anything at all, because it’s Snoop. 2DopeBoyz don’t say much on their blog, nor do they have to say much. Their simply posting a song brings with it a high dose of street cred. ¬†And outside of the music, Snoop is known to be a man of talents – he’s funny, he’s smart, and he’s an actor. Beyond their blog, Shake and Meka are talented artists, writers, and popular tweeters.


7. Good Music All Day

Good Music All Day, better known to some as GMAD, is a youngster music blog. Its founder is young, its posters are young, and its content is typically that of young artists. At 19 years old and 500,000 Twitter followers and certainly many more fans than that around the world, Mac Miller is gaining popularity at blazing speed. He’s making a ton of noise with young hip hop fans, and for this reason, he seems to have a good bit in common with Good Music All Day. Thumbs up!


8. CreamTeam

CreamTeam is a great music blog, and like many other music blogs, it has gotten to where it is today because of its founder, Veronica. Hilarious, to the point, and at times rebellious, Veronica speaks her mind. When I think of CreamTeam, I think of Veronica’s ability to create a beautiful site with her design eye, but also her ability to keep readers interested with her way with words and open personality on Twitter and the site. To me, the site is comparable to Rihanna. Beautiful and creative but also rebellious. Rihanna’s got a song out about S&M. Yep…that’s ballsy. CreamTeam’s site header has an image of a naked girl laying in …. cream … and squirting money out of her nipples, or so it appears. And their URL is ironically close to a porn site. That, too, takes balls. Go RiRi!


9. Pitchfork

Pitchfork Music Blog. Likely the most successful music blog in the world…err…on the Internet. It doesn’t get much better than being able to throw your own music festival, I don’t think. (I’ll keep dreaming. Someday: PIGSET Music Festival. Be there.) So, I’m going to say that Pitchfork is the equivalent of Billy Joel. Think about it for yourself for a second before I provide my reasoning. … Keep thinking. … No cheating! … Okay, I trust you (who knows why). Billy Joel is old. Pitchfork is old. Billy Joel makes beautiful music. Pitchfork writers are trained journalists who write beautifully. Billy Joel makes music that everybody loves. Pitchfork is an incredibly popular, high-traffic site. Billy Joel, though, makes questionable decisions. Pitchfork, arguably, makes questionable decisions. Namely, in their album rating system. People were all up in arms when Pitchfork gave Kanye’s album a 10/10. I don’t disagree with that, but they have given some questionable ratings to albums in the past. Billy Joel, meanwhile, likes to…how do you say…well, get behind the wheel after a drink, or two, or fifteen. These days, though, Rehab is sooooo trendy. #lohan


10. Pretty Much Amazing

Pretty Much Amazing says it all in its name. Yes, it is pretty much…amazing, but even more so, the site is just so damn PRETTY. It really might be one of my favorite layouts on in the entire Internet. Beautiful, beautiful site. For this, Pretty Much Amazing earns the comparison of Lykke Li. This is partly a shout out to my BFF Confusion, who has taught me to think that Lykke Li is perhaps one of the most beautiful singers out there right now. She’s indie, but she’s gaining popularity, similar to Pretty Much Amazing. But let’s not get off topic. Pretty.


11. Earmilk

Earmilk gets shit done. Always posting things quickly, and keeping it real. Their daily specials put others (yep, Sunset’s) to shame, because they put SO MANY SONGS on them. All I can think about when I see those is ‘Damn…that uploading time must have been a pain in the ass.’ But hey, all the better for those of us reaading Earmilk! The writing isn’t incredible on Earmilk, but the music is great, so people can look beyond that. So, who are they? Lil B. I don’t think Lil B puts out many groundbreaking lines, but he sure as hell puts out a shit ton of music. And he’s got tons of fans. So there it is. Earmilk = Lil B.


12. Gorilla vs Bear

Gorilla vs Bear is one of those music blogs that just screams indie to me. They’re SO indie, soooo trendy. Who does this remind you of? I’m going to go with Arcade Fire. These guys are like, the kings of indie, so trendy. Everybody likes Arcade Fire, but no matter how big they get, they’ll still claim the name indie. Oh and one other thing – everybody who knows anything about music blogs knows that Gorilla vs Bear is a Texas music blog. I mean, if you know that Dallas won the NBA Championship this year, you should probably also have heard Gorilla vs Bear cheering. Similarly, everybody knows Arcade Fire hails from Canada. If you don’t, well…shoot…now you do.



Hope yall had fun with this one! Stay tuned…if I have it in me, there might be a Part II someday! Please feel free to comment and go against what I said, say what your favorite was, add another blog and who they equate to, etc. Follow me on Twitter @SunsetRearview.


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