23 June 2013

Mt. Eden – Airwalker ft. Diva Ice

posted by: Jordan New Music Daily

It’s Sunday morning. I have awoken to a picture that Arjun sent me. Most likely a future #TapeTuesday¬†artwork. Seemed cool. That stuff usually is cool. Hopefully one day he’ll use a picture I took. I also have a new thing were I have to always talk about Arjun. Idk, things have gotten kind of weird between us lately. If only you saw our conversations on Facebook.

Despite the weirdness in our relationship, I do imagine going on a trippy journey with Arjun while this song plays in the background. Maybe tripping on acid with Chance The Rapper. Flying through the air on our dragons, tearing shit up (like we were Khalisi or something), and as the beat drops, walking away dramatically and high fiving each other with a gleam in both of our eyes and Chance giving us his signature IGH! Maybe it’s just me, but he probably feels the same way too. Clearly I’m trying to hard in these posts.

Mt. Eden’s Airwalker is exactly what you need for your nighttime adventures. Do not pass this one up, ladies and gents. Drive to this. Chill to this. Relax to this. This is your journey. The possibilities are endless!

Listen below.

I’ve also attached the new EP from Mt. Eden


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