23 September 2012

MS MR – Candy Bar Creep Show

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The blogosophere’s already a-buzz about indie-pop group MS MR‘s latest EP Candy Bar Creep Show, so I’ll offer this without too much explanation.

MS MR is an apt amalgamation of the some of the best indie-pop artists out there right now: a dash of Flo and the Machine, a sprinkle of Lana Del Rey, and maybe a little Alt-J to taste. The multi-part vocal arrangements and sweeping string parts on all four tracks are hauntingly beautiful, and the whole EP just, like, echoes. The group is on tour this fall with GroupLove, though many tickets are sold out.

Check out the provocative music video for “Dark Doo Wop” below. It’s a real piece of art in my opinion.

Dark Doo Wop from MS MR on Vimeo.


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