13 September 2013

[MP3] Lorde – Team

posted by: Eric New Music Daily

I know I shouldn’t.

I shouldn’t type out the word “sixteen” every time I write about Lorde. I should be bored with the novelty that she’s a teenager and focus instead on her fascinating transformation from mysterious unknown to global superstar that could’ve only happened post-blogosphere. I should be tired of throwing around labels like “prodigy” and move on to obsessing over her dynamic songwriting and production style. I should just sit back and appreciate how great this music is without dwelling on a stupid little number.

But I can’t. This is getting too crazy. Not only is Lorde ‘wise beyond her years’, she’s proving herself more mature and musically competent than any of her older competition with each new song she releases. On her latest single “Team” from upcoming debut album “Pure Heroine” she sings, “I’m kinda over getting told to throw my hands up in the air. So there. I’m kinda older than I was when I rebelled without a care.” Moments like that show her independent and mature outlook on the world that’s rare from anyone but completely unheard of from a sixteen-year-old pop singer. If she can come up with stuff like that now, I can’t even imagine what she’ll be making as she grows into her twenties. She even seems as though she’s outgrown the trappings of child stardom. She’s ready now.

Seriously, I can’t believe this girl is sixteen. Not to pull a Little League World Series or anything, but I actually kind of want to see a birth certificate. This has to be too good to be true, right? Stream below and download the mp3 now on iTunes.

BONUS! Watch her impressive cover of Kanye West’s “Hold My Liquor” at a recent concert in New Zealand.


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